by Lily

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Fish live in swamps, lakes, oceans, creaks and reefs.

Fish can also live in tanks because humans keep them as pets.


Usually fish eat other fish.

Fish can also eat the seaweed or the coral.

Fish can also be a pretty good meal for humans.


Fish can come in all different colours.

A few colours are pink, blue, purple, green

and almost any colour you could think of.


Fish can have many babies depending on what type of fish it is. After they mate, they breed in breeding season which is around spring.


Fish can be pets.

They live in tanks and are fed at least once everyday.

Fish types

Flathead, Catfish, Sharks, Tayla, Yellowfin, Tuna, Samon, Clownfish, Swordfish, Rays and jellyfish.

These are different types of fish.


Fish are often found in schools.

Schools are groups of usually the same type of fish.


Body Parts

Fish have a lot of body parts for example:

Gills, fins, tails, head and a lot more.