Thank You All !

Can't leave without a little Web 2.0...

To my West Hartford Library Media colleagues...

I have so much to thank you for (and to be thankful for)--

  • thanks for the kind emails, notes, and words of encouragement you've offered me
  • thanks for the goodies and the cake at our last dept. meeting together
  • thanks for the wonderful gifts--one that I will put to good use in Florida (the store is called Total Wine!) and the other at a new restaurant near our cottage in New Hampshire!
  • thanks for eight years of laughter, priority standards, caring, UBD, sharing, curriculum writing, etc., etc., etc.

Finally, thanks for putting up with one last Web 2.0 tool called SMORE.COM ! It's a terrific way to make a quick and effective poster (or in this case, a THANK YOU!)

I hope our paths will cross again in the future. In love and friendship,