Monday Memo


Shout Outs

Arthur iPads

Many thanks to everyone who came together to help Arthur get ready for their rollout day scheduled for Oct 5.

The #iArthur 1:1 initiative is an exciting time for this district. I appreciate your support beyond words.

Mac Crashed

Huge thanks to Aaron Campbell for helping me rebuild my OS. My mac crashed on Thursday evening and he had me up and running by Friday morning.

Data Warehouse Presentations

I am grateful for the PRE and IT folks who spent many hours viewing Data Warehouse presentations from 3 invited companies.

Happy Birthdays

Pam Jameson - 9/6

Russell Lacek - 9/11

Clint Cobb - 9/13

Andre Daughty - 9/20

Heath Vincent - 9/30


Infinite Campus Interfaces

Thanks to Jennifer Goldman for taking lead, we have our first interface specification submitted to Infinite Campus for building. We have tons more to go, so pedal to the metal. I know we have lots of SDE reports coming up, but our tank should be full.

Blended/Online Learning RFP

Final scoring for the Blended/Online Learning RFP will be held this Tuesday at 3PM. The District will be replacing our current solution with one of four other providers.

October 12 - BOE

This Friday is the agenda deadline for the October 12 BOE meeting. If you have any items that should go on Information Agenda, please get them submitted by deadline.

Barring a statement by a competitor during Public Comments, the Lexmark Printer Lease should pass on the Content Agenda.

New Interactive Whiteboard

You may notice that we have a new Interactive Whiteboard installed in the IT Conference Room. We will no longer be subject to blurry projectors and keystone display. The new IWB has a built in whiteboard function. I'll provide a 5 minute overview in Leadership and then train-the-trainer.

Spencer McLeod

I am starting to come up to my forth year working for the OKCPS IT Client Services Call Center. I started out as a temporary employee way back in November of 2011 and became a full time employee July of 2014. I have worked on and off as a tech for different companies like Dell. Then I went to work for CompUSA and was a tech for them doing installs and writing work orders and client services. Client Services has been a part of every job I have done for years and I continue to try to help and support everyone I talk to and work with. I have a passion for technology and I love to fix it and keep it working, and use it as well. As technology advances, I plan to keep advancing my knowledge and CS skills to help all who need help. My first priority is to make sure the students have good working computers and then provide help when need whether it is to fix or install software. My focus is to make sure all are taken care from the highest level to the lowest if need be. I leave you with this to remember - "A man's reach should exceed his grasp" - in other words everyone should strive to be more than what they are.