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send text message india : Text messaging is a very popular means of communication used in India. Most people are addicted to it, and prefer staying connected to their friends through this system. In the last 10 years, the advancements in technology has allows people to have access to communication services at very cheap rates. Now, even children have access to cell phones because parents want to keep a tab on them. This gives the parents an added assurance for their children’s safety. However, children have a huge friends list, and they prefer to stay connected to their friends at all times.

They love texting to each other about the little things in their lives. They not only talk about things happening in their daily lives but also their career. When they start planning to move to college into a different country then it is better to have a service that will keep them connected with their family as well as friends. Moving to a different country is hard for young people but sometimes necessary when it is about their careers. Staying connected to their friends back home is only a natural thing to do. There are certain services that can be used to send free sms to India from UK.
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Telcan is one of those popular services that have their own Apps that can be downloaded to popular devices – iPhones, Android and iPads. Free SMS is available with every account that can be created online. Points can be charged online using various online payment systems whenever call minutes are needed to call people around the world. The call charges are very low, and this specific service is popular for 0.13 cents per mine cost. Not only you get to dial India for such low costs but also send text messages to India for free.

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