Fifth Grade Flash

April 15, 2016



Fifth grade will be taking its final field trip to Main Event in Grapevine on Tuesday, May 31st. Your child should have brought home information and permission forms in his/her Friday Folder. The $20 fee includes bowling, laser tag, a $10 arcade card, and pizza for lunch. Although chaperones are not requested for this trip, parents are welcome to stop by Main Event for some of the fun.

Permission forms and payment for Main Event are due by Friday, April 15th (NOW!). Please let your teacher or Mrs. Shimmick know (confidentially) if you would like assistance with the payment. We are all looking forward to our fifth grade celebration at Main Event!!

News From Coach Baze

Colleyville Elementary's annual JDRF fundraising and Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes is under way! Each student will receive a donation envelope in their Friday Folder. We encourage the students to bring in their donations daily. Each classroom has a class graph to monitor the progress of donations collected. The CES walk will be held on Friday, April 22, 2016 during each grade level’s Specials time. We would encourage any parents, friends, or family members that have had a background check to come out and join us for the walk. Thank you for supporting JDRF and our students.

Donations can also be made online

School Transfers

The window has opened for anyone wanting to apply for a transfer to another school for next year. Go to the GCISD web site and look to the right. Under the Rachel's Challenge 5k sign up, there is a box that links to the online transfer request. The window is open from March 21 until April 22. There are two other summer windows also.

STAAR Test Date

Please do not make any appointments for your fifth grader on this date.

Science STAAR, Wednesday, May 11th

IPad Reminders

Students that are currently taking their iPads home daily, please remember your signed Trust Card:

  • iPads must return to school EACH DAY and fully charged.
  • Apps are not to be loaded without teacher approval!



6TH GRADE ORIENTATION: pick up your schedule, tour the school, find your locker!

CTMS Wolf Camp: August 11th 9:00-12:00

CMS Colt Camp: August 19th 3:00-5:00


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CMS 6th Grade Pre-Athletics Info

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Reading: We will continue our novel study of Number the Stars focusing on vocabulary.

Language Arts: We are analyzing persuasive writing and using resources to support our side. The Spelling test is April 28th.

Social Studies: We will determine how and why our country grew due to immigration in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Also, the growth of businesses and women's rights will be discussed.

Math: We will be investigating tangrams to deepen our understanding of geometric attributes.

Science: We will be identifying the significance of the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle to the survival of plants and animals.

2016-2017 Kindergarten Registration and Round Up

Kindergarten Registration for the 2016-2017 school year will begin on Monday, April 25, and run through the end of May. Colleyville Elementary will have their Kindergarten Round Up on Tuesday, April 26, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please spread the word in the community, so that we have all of our incoming kindergarten students registered and ready to go for next year!

Save the Date!

Be sure to check the dates below. There are many important dates coming your way concerning programs available for next year and middle school in general.

April 16 - Rachel's Challenge Rally

April 18 - Mad Science Club 2:50

April 20 - Student Council

April 21

  • Talent Show Dress Rehearsal at CHHS
  • Entrepreneurship Club 2:45

April 22

  • CES Talent Show at CHHS
  • JDRF Walk During Specials

April 25

  • Mad Science Club 2:50
  • Kindergarten Registration Begins

April 26 - Kindergarten Round Up 6:00

May 2 - Mad Science Club 2;50

May 9 - Third and Fourth Grade STAAR

May 10 - Third and Fourth Grade STAAR, Fifth Grade Reading Re-take

May 11 - Fifth Grade Science STAAR

GCISD Portrait of a Graduate

  1. Skilled Problem Solvers
  2. Effective Communicators
  3. Collaborative Workers
  4. Global Citizens
  5. Self-Regulated Learners