The Diary of Anne Frank

By Chris McAfoose

Quick Biography: Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born June 12th, 1929. She was born in Amersterdam, Germany. Her mother was Edith Frank. Her father was Otto Frank. Her sister was Margot Frank. She lived only 14 years. She would die on

We must show courage when faced with obstacles.

The theme, having courage when faced with obstacles, was shown throughout the play of The Diary of Anne Frank. Many of the characters showed courage when in the Annex. Anne had shown courage when she, her family, and the Vann Dann family went into hiding (381). Miep and Mr. Kraler had helped the Frank's and the Vann Danns by bringing them food, books, and other supplies to the Annex (381). Mr. Frank showed courage by standing up to Dussel when he was counting out the potatoes ().

We must not let people stereotype us for what we believe in.

The theme, stereotyping people in a group because of what they believe in, was also shown throughout the play. At the beginning, the Jews were being stereotyped by the Germans blamed them for being greedy (370). Anne was also being stereotyped by Peter for talking too much (383-384). Later, Mrs. Frank had stereotyped Mr. Vann Dann for stealing food from the kitchen (424-425).

We must show hope in a desperate time of need.

There was also the theme of having hope in time of need in the play. All of the characters showed hope by hoping that the war would end soon (427). They also hoped that the Allied Powers would be able to take the city of Amsterdam (427). They even showed hope that they would not be caught in the Annex (381).
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Relating to Anne Frank

These books relate to Anne because she had said she wanted to be a writer. It also relates to her because she wrote in har diary, which her father had it published. The book was titled The Diary of Anne Frank.