The Niles Floods and the Egyptians

By: Destiny Williams

The Nile's Floods

Do you know how the Egyptian's dealt with the Nile's floods? Well they always believed it flooded once a year , on one certain day so the Egyptian's knew when it was going to flood. The Nile also left behind a layer of fertile soil. They used the fertile for their crops, and the Nile also ruined their crops.

Fertile Soil

The Egyptian's liked when the Nile flooded but also didn't like it. When the Nile flooded it left behind a layer of fertile soil. The Egyptian's used the fertile soil for their crops, that's why most Egyptians lived near the Nile. They also used the water to water their plants, if the Nile didn't rune their crops. If the Nile's floods did they ate fish and they had to replant.

When it Did Flood

How do you think the Egyptian's did it when it did flood? Well when it did flood it knocked some of their houses down. They had to rebuild their houses. They had to replant their crops but that was not a problem because when the Nile did flood it left behind a layer of fertile soil. It was hard to live near the Nile, but most Egyptian's enjoyed living near the Nile.

Water, Food, and Transportation

The Nile provides water, food, and transportation. The Nile is the largest river in the world, it has two main rivers that flow into it they are called The White Nile and The Blue Nile. It also has the Black Land and Red Land. To catch a fish in the Nile you had to use a net or a spear. It also flooded between June and September.

It Was Important

The Nile is so important to the Egyptian's, and how they dealt with the Nile's floods. The Nile is so important to the Egyptian's because the Nile is what they are based off of. The Egyptian's depended on the Nile because of it's rich and fertile soil.

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