A healthy berry! - by Amelie Schweiger

The Varieties of the raspberry (classificated as a berry):

  • Red raspberries (Autumn Bliss; Hilton; Indion Summer)

  • Black raspberries (Allen; Bristol; Jewel)

  • Purple raspberries ( Brandywine; Royalty; Success)

  • Yellow\Gold raspberries (Fallgold; Goldie; Kiwi Gold)


Color: different colors, including black, red, yellow/gold and purple shades

Shape: a oval (to the ground) ball

Taste: normally sweet with a little bit sour


  • grow around central nub, or "torus" - stays on plant when berries are picked
  • become rip in summer or fall

contained nutrients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin B 1-3
  • Iron

Common cooking methods:

  • Jam
  • Dessert and Cakes
  • Drinks

example recipes:

  • Homemade raspberry jam (sugar, berries --> cooking)
  • Creamy Raspberry Dessert Recipe (cream-berry mix on a backed surface)
  • Elderflower & raspberry spritzer (raspberry syrup mixed with elderflower syrup - liquid)

Interesting & historical facts:

  • from Eastern Asia
  • black raspberry from west
  • in the rose-family
  • is used for loosing weight
  • leaves were used as medicine