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Week of May 11, 2015

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Bullock Garden Updates

Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 19th after school, in the garden. Mike from Elite Landscaping is coming to talk with us about garden maintenance.

Lesson Plans Due

Monday, May 11th, 8:30am

Bullock School


Monday, May 11th, 8:30am to Wednesday, May 13th, 2:30pm

Bullock School

Testing will take place in the Media Center & in both labs. Please remember that these areas are off limits during the testing block. Please refer to your email to review the schedule. Make-ups will take place on Thursday & Friday (Schedule TBA).

The Curriculum Corner: The Standards for Mathematical Practice, Part 8

In his article about SMP #8 (Look for & Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning), Max Ray introduces us to George (who quickly skips any math problem that becomes a challenge, despite his strong math skills) & Shana (who may not complete tasks due to the lengthy strategies she employs, despite her perseverance). He stresses that being a mathematician means balancing the qualities of both these students and that we must promote perseverance without "getting stuck doing the same inefficient methods every time." In order to help our students become "lazy mathematicians" we must scaffold examples that highlight repeated reasoning, and establish routines for sharing & working with various methods.

Stop by the Curriculum Corner at to read more about SMP #8 & to review the entire SMP series (click the red bar below). Part 1 contains Standards 1-4 & Part 2 (which has just been posted) contains Standards 5-8. Don't forget to share some of your bite-sized best practices via social media, email or in the footer of The Buzz!

The Curriculum Corner Online

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News & Notes

  • We will be holding a building evacuation drill on Tuesday, May 26th. At the request of the Glassboro PD, we will be evacuating to the Intermediate School. We will be ironing out details in the weeks to come.

You're the Best...Quotes from the staff!

  • THANK YOU to Sonya & the Garden Team for providing a wonderful hands-on learning opportunity for our students!
  • Sandi and Anthony for getting the 2nd grade bathrooms back in shape and spending time in our classrooms too!
  • Thank you Puddie for all your dedication to the garden and never giving up on your dream
  • So thankful for the garden and the awesome garden team
  • To Sonya and all the garden folks! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! What a beautiful project for all to enjoy!!!
  • To Bernadette thank you for making our school beautiful! You are SOOO Artistic!
  • To Mel and Mel thank you for all your support and especially the laughs!
  • Kassie-thanks for being the best field trip coordinator!!!! You rock!!
  • Wishing all the Mother’s a terrific Mother’s Day- You are all the BEST!!
  • Twinnie! – Your dedication, effort, and huge amount of time spent in fulfilling the dream of having a Bullock garden!
  • Thanks Anthony! – Going above and beyond your job and spending so many hours cleaning and making our jobs easier.
  • Thank you to the Garden Team, faculty, and staff of Bullock, who volunteered last weekend to build the garden. Thank for all of your hard work and dedication to make this space beautiful for our children.

  • Thank you, Anthony and Sandi for jumping in to help during Bullock Garden weekend! You rock!
  • George, Chuck, & Gloria, thank you for helping set up the garden technology.
  • Donna – thank you for hosting Ahmad & the crew for dinner. I bet Brie is still eating lasagna!
  • Pud – you’re my right hand! Thank you!!!! Luf u!
  • Thank you "Swerner" for always being there for the support when I need it!

Schoolwide Events

  • 5/01: Garden Project & Filming (5/1-5/4)
  • 5/08: Spring Chat & Chew
  • 5/08: Monthly Collaboration Time
  • 5/11: PARCC-EOY Assessment (5/11-5/15)
  • 5/18: Benchmark Window Opens
  • 5/20: Meeting w/Fifer Financial (Immediately after Dismissal)
  • 5/21: PTO Meeting (6:30 PM)
  • 5/22: Bowe Band Assembly
  • 5/26: Building Evacuation Drill (to GIS)
  • 5/26: Faculty Meeting - Budget Presentation w/Dr. Silverstein (2:45 PM)
  • 5/28: CAST Meetings (Paperwork DUE - 5/21)

Happy Birthday!

  • Bernadette Gennaoui - 5/2
  • Anna Antell - 5/2
  • Rona Johnson - 5/2
  • Barbara Heck - 5/3
  • Dorothy L. Bullock - 5/4
  • Missy Tees - 5/5
  • Aileen Castro - 5/6
  • Andrea Dalfonso - 5/7
  • Brian Johnson - 5/16
  • Beth Grygo - 5/20

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