Year 3 EPIC Times

May 2015

Year 3 'Artful Nature' Exhibition

Dance with Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. De Guzman

Y3 Dance

Fashion Design with Mr. Edwards

Y3 Fashion design

Unit of Inquiry

How the World Works

Year 3 will commence their fifth unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme, How the World Works.

Our central idea is: The world around us is composed of matter which can go through various changes.

Key concepts are:

  • form
  • function
  • causation
  • change
  • reflection

Our lines are inquiry are:

  • states of matter (eg: solid, liquid, gas)
  • properties of matter
  • how matter changes
  • why matter changes
  • matter in our daily lives

Targeted learner profile characteristics are:

  • knowledgeable
  • thinker
  • inquirer
  • reflective

Targeted PYP attitudes include:

  • enthusiasm
  • comittment
  • independence


Integrated Measurement Unit

Students will be engaged in Measurement experiences that develop knowledge, understanding and skill in:

  • length
  • mass
  • capacity
  • temperature
  • time
  • angles

They will be involved in estimating, comparing and measuring experiences using informal (eg: unifix cubes, popsicle sticks) and formal units (eg: tape measure, ruler, trundle wheel, thermometers, analogue and digital clocks).

Language Arts

Integrated Language Arts Unit

This unit will expose students to the social purpose of Writing to Instruct. Students will inquire into the purpose, structure (e.g: title, introductory statement that includes goal, list of materials, steps in sequence), grammar (eg: present tense, action verbs) and language conventions (eg: linking words such first, when, then, after and subject-specific vocabulary) of text forms such as experiments and recipes.

How can I support my child in his/her learning?

Translation of Unit Specific Words

To deepen students' understanding, we encourage you to translate and explain the following words into your mother-tongue.

  • distance
  • litres
  • centimetre
  • metre
  • prediction
  • outcome
  • procedure
  • capacity
  • mass
  • weight

Measurement Experiences

You may wish to refer to this site to access practical, everyday measurement experiences.

Class Captains (Term 3)

Congratulations to the following Year 3 students who were selected by their classmates as class captains.

3JES: Jacqueline Ng and Dylan Jones
3KCL: Belle Rousseau and An Lee
3EBN: Cindy Chen and Bo Yan Chang
3CTA: Isla Han and Riki Yoshida