By: Emma Dorley


In 1903, Ford Motor Company was incorporated. Henry Ford was the maker and also the producer of this company. Henry started this company in Detroit, Michigan. But Henry was born in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry made his first "car" in 1896 which was called the Quadricycle, using 4 bicycle weels. Henry Ford was a hard working man and he wasn't that wealthy but that didn't stop him into making this car. But he had to work with what he had which was a farm and some stuff in Detroit. The reason ford made this company was that he had a love for all things mechanical.


Ford Motor Company started off with about 10,000 people, so i guess the company was pretty big then. They still use the same blue oval that they used back then. One thing that changed about the company was that when they were making cars the thing that changed was that they stood in a line while they did this. Another thing that they changed was that they started making trucks. The last thing that was different about this company was that they made airplanes. Ford Motor Company has changed by making newer cars and has WAY more employee. And the Mercury line was discontinued. There were also new bosses that ran the company throughout the years Ford has changed in good and bad ways but lets just talk about the good. the company has grown tremendously, first off by now the cars have gone from small to bigger engines. and how short of time it took to produce these high-tech cars.


There was really no reason to start this company but Henry was committed to starting the company. Even though he didn't have much of anything. This company has changed society by a better fuel economy. back then it was fascinating to have something so big and so new to the world that´s how it changed society. Ford Motor Company has an effect on the world by having these company's all around the world. But one down side about this company is that they don´t donate to any charities. Life without Ford Motor Company would be difficult to get around. But if they made it like right now then it would just be another car company, with no history or background.
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Bio On Henry Ford

Henry Ford liked to take things such as coffee grinders and clocks apart and putting then back together. Henry was born in Dearborn, Michigan in the 1960's. his mechanical ability was helpful on the farm, he soon realized that farming wasn't for him. At age 17 he left his dad's farm and went to the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Other fun facts about Henry

  • When he left the farm he took a job as an apprentance in a machine shop for 3 years
  • After that he came back to Dearborn then went back to Detriot in 1891
  • he marries a young woman named Clara Ala Bryant
  • Licensed Automobile Manufacturers closed the company down, barely a month after the incorporation because Henry wasn't a licensed automobile manufacture
  • named his cars backed on the alphabet
100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line in 100 Seconds

Fun facts

  • The prices of the cars went from $200-$825
  • Henry Ford died in 1947
  • In 1964 ford introduces the Mustang, a new breed of car
  • In 1917 Ford produces its first ever truck
  • 1925 Ford begins the production of the Tri-motor airplanes


In 1908 one popular product was the model T this was popular because it could drive on unpaved rodes this was good because back then the rodes weren't paved and they were also very bumpy so this car was good because it wouldn't jult the people inside the car. This car back then was $825 for each car. The amount of money escalated and more people started to buy this car.