Virtual Care Package

News & Resources for CMSD School Leaders

Dear School Leaders,

Thank you all for hard work and efforts to help our CMSD community during these unprecedented times. As the summer months approach, PLEASE make sure and reach out for help, resources, and ways to take care of yourself too. May you find some time for self, and to enjoy those things near and dear to you in the weeks ahead.

Stay safe and be well!

Thank you school administrators!

CMSD appreciates everything you do!

Self Care

VUCA Transformation
CMSD Employee Assistance Program

216-241-EASE (3273)



Resources for Adults Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic - Ohio Dept. of Health

Community Resources shared by MetroHealth

Coronavirus Senior Care Help - Download the CareBirds app to help you get back in control of the chaos.

Family Resources & Virtual Places to Go!