Bobwhite Quail

The Whistling Bird

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Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordate

Class: Aves

Subclass: Neornithes

Infraclass: Neognathae

Superorder: Galloanserae

Order: Galliformes

Family: Odontophoridae

Genus: Colinus

Species: Colinus virginianus


Evolutionary Relationships: The Bobwhite Quail is very similar to the Central American Spot-bellied bobwhite, but lacks black facial coloration. The Asian Rain Quail is also similar, but is larger in size and has a black breast.

Habitat: Bobwhite Quail prefer vegetation created from fire, agriculture, and timber-harvesting. They are found in the southeastern part of the United States, and are found all the way down to Mexico.

Type of Diet: There diet primarily consists of seeds, fruits, and green leafy material. About 85% of there diet is seeds, and only 15% of there diet comes from animal matter.

Social Interactions: Mating can begin as early as February in south Texas. They begin to breed in there first year of life. In one nest there are usually 12 to 14 eggs, and the incubation period is 23 days. They form coveys for protection.

Movement: Bobwhite quail can either run or fly, but they fly primary.

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Interesting Facts: Bobwhite Quail whistle to communicated, and there whistle sounds like, bob-WHITE, and that is how they got there name. There are more than 2 dozen subspecies.

Size: They can range from 24 to 28 cm in length, and have a wingspan of 33 to 38 cm. They weigh anywhere from 129 to 159 grams.