History of The Cell Theory

By:Max Schumacher

Cell Theory

The cell theory consists of three main things

1.The cell is the basic unit of life

2.All living things are made up of one or more cells.

3.All living cells come from other living cells.

Robert Hooke

Born July 28,1635

Robert Hooke inspired the use of microscopes.He also published a book (Micrographia)describing microscope observations.

Theodor Schwann,Matthias Schleiden,Rudolf Virchow

Leeuwenhoek was born Oct. 24,1632. Leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria and blood cell and much more.

Schwann was born Dec. 7,1810. Schwann helped develop the cell theory, he also discovered Schwann cells.

Schleiden was born April 5,1804.He helped develop the cell theory. He preferred to study plants.

Virchow was born Oct. 13,182. He helped develop the cell theory. He was known as the father of modern pathology.