Indivdualism in America

by: Madison Eatwell, period 4

What is indivdualism?

The defination of indivdualism is principle or habit of or belief in independent thought or action. This is common among teenagers, seeing how we like to express ourselfs indivdually. How we dress, eat, or the certain way we do things can be seen as just being ourselves, an individual.

Where can individualism be found?

Individualism can be found anywhere at anytime. Individualism can be found at school. Teenagers who express their individuality by fashion styles, make up, sports, etc. Individualism can also be found in artists. They can express their individuality in art however they want. It can also be found in music, food, and other things where you can express you're creativity and individuality.

Illusrations of Individualism

Individualism can be found ANY WHERE.

Examples of Individualism:

There are not a lot of schools that have school uniforms these days. In fact there is one school called Sierra Vista that tried to make students wear uniforms. They thought this would be a good thing for their school, instead they faced a lot of students wanting to wear their own stlye of clothing to express their individuality. No mattter how hard they tried to keep the uniform rule, they were forced to let the students wear their own stlye of clothing. A link to find out more..