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1888, $25.00

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George Eastman

This amazing entrepreneur has finally gotten tired of of the old ways. Developing film with a glass plates was just too much for any person to do for enjoyment. He is a huge fan of the arts and does not want it to turn into a non-existant activity. A few years back he was the one who gave us the dry plate, but finally realized even his inventions are getting too old. He's ready for the present. FILM! It goes straight into the camera and develops so much faster! As we are quicky approaching 1900, it is time to move forward in the world. With no wife or family he has all the time in the world to make more things for the rest of the world to enjoy! He even has some new schools in mind especially made for the arts. This one of a kind Philanthropist is ready for tomorrow's day-in-age.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

George Eastman brought us something new! The fixed-focus camera is easier than ever before! No more glass, not more hastle! This new round-filmed camera makes photos better quality and more pleasant to view. Instead of having to deal with the glass of developing photos, we are now able to do it in one short mail out session. Take the picture using this nice, new camera and then just send it back to Eastman Kodak in Rochester to develop and you'll recieve your pictures in no time! Eastman is ready to bring us all into the next century!

"It's as convienent as a pencil!" - Eastman

What are people just like YOU saying?

"The pictures you want tomorrow, you have to take today."

- Anonymous

"Kodak sells film, but they don't advertise film. They advertise memories."

- Theodore Levitt