Steve Jobs

Best Known As The Cofounder, Chairman, & CEO of Apple Inc.

His Triumphs, Obstacles, & Career Goals


  • Steve was assigned to create a circuit board & he didnt know much of circuit board design so he asked his friend Wozniak for help & told him he was going to split the money but Steve gave Wozniak the wrong amount. Wozniak didnt find out til 10 years later.
  • Employees from Apple said he was an erratic & temperamental manager.
  • Steve & Sculley were having issues in the business & didnt work well together so Steve resigned from Apple.
  • Steve was starting to become bankrupt in 1986
  • Steve was diagnosed with cancer in 2004


  • Steves's "father" taught him how to take apart & put back together electronic devices.
  • Steve was so smart that he was able to skip 2 grade levels but his "parents" only let him skip 1.
  • Wozniak created a "blue box" & Steve found a way to sell it; Steve found electronics to be fun & profitable.
  • After he was fired from Apple, he worked at NeXt Computer.
  • Steve bought the Graphics Group/Pixar
  • He became CEO of Apple

Career Goals:

  • He was a technician
  • He experimented with psychedelics
  • He became a serious practitioner of Zen Buddhism, he considered taking the monastic residence at Eihei-ji, Japan.
  • He game lengthy meditation retreats
  • Wozniak & Steve opened there own business called "Apple Computer Company"

Why Is Apple So Good?

Apple has a good research & development department and the marketers have already positioned Apple good in the minds of potential & past customers. Customer and product value have been given attention & indeed, it worked well.