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Home School Edition - Volume 1

We miss our preschool friends very much! We thought that you might like to hear how our Staff is spending this time away from school. Please send us your pictures and videos and we may feature some of you in our next Newsletter! We look forward to sharing sharing some alphabet fun from Ms. Lauren and Ms. Maureen in our next Newsletter!

Faith Formation

Scripture tells us that God never leaves us. Praying together and reading stories of faith as a family in these uncertain times can ground your family each day in the unwavering love and comfort of Jesus Christ. Kathryn McGregor, Unity's Christian Educator (Kathryn also serves on our Unity Preschool Advisory Board), suggests the following faith formation ideas to help your family find age appropriate ways to worship and grow in faith when our church communities cannot gather physically:

*Faith Formation Activities: Here is a wonderful article of ways to encourage practicing faith at home including making a faith jar, doing acts of service together as a family, drawing prayer requests, etc. Focus on #61-80 for ideas to share with your family:


*Devotions and Coloring Sheets: Sign up at this link to receive free faith formation coloring sheets and devotionals through Illustrated Ministry:


*Podcast: Do you enjoy podcasts? We have a great one for you. This podcast of contemplative prayer and Bible stories for elementary aged children and their families.


*Worship: This is a good blog post about how to design a developmentally appropriate family worship service if your kids are too young to sit through an entire live-streamed service:


Ms. Heather - MATH FUN

Everyone loves UNO! With a few changes, you can turn it into your “math time”. For your preschoolers, all you need are uno cards (or any cards with numbers) and clothespins. When it’s your turn, draw a card and clip the corresponding number of clothespins to the card. After a few rounds, have your child identify the largest number, smallest number, and total. Once you are done playing, your elementary aged kids can use the same cards and play addition, subtraction, or multiplication war. (BONUS: Clothespins build those muscles needed for fine motor skills)!

Ms. Kelsey - OUTSIDE FUN

Ms. Kelsey took some friends on a nature scavenger hunt. They also decorated paper airplanes and then tested them on their walk. Ms. Kelsey loves to spend time outdoors with her family. Sometimes on their nature walks they will play I Spy, Follow the Leader or she will hide eggs (not just for Easter). Her children also enjoy chalk - a great way to practice writing names, ABCs, shapes or tracing your shadow and comparing it a few hours later! Here is a link to a printable resource to use on your next scavenger hunt:



Ms. Danielle held a family meeting to talk about PATIENCE* and modified the schedule below to suit her family's needs. I have heard from others who have found scheduling to be particularly helpful. Children often fear the unknown - whether it's the broccoli on their plate or a big life change like a move or a new sibling (or housebound because of an unknown virus). A normal routine can bring comfort and consistency to a child's life. The most important aspect, however, is creating a routine that works for you and your family. The schedule below is just a suggestion that can easily be adjusted for your family's needs.

*Patience was the third Fruit of the Spirit that we learned about in Chapel this year:)! Your children have had lots of practice being patient at preschool. If you are curious, the other eight Fruits of the Spirit are: Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control. Galatians 5:22-23


As many of you know, in addition to Unity Preschool, Ms. Tee's favorite two places are the YMCA and the library. Both of those places are now closed so Ms. Tee has had to get creative! Below are some of her go-to resources.

Ms. Tee also wanted to remind you of the importance of chores. Your children are not too young to pitch in and do chores. In Ms. Tee's class, her students put away the toys, throw away their snack plates (clear the table) and wipe the table. See our Older Two's below cleaning the dinosaurs with shaving cream. Shaving Cream is a also great tool to practice letter writing. You can contain the mess by using it on a large cake pan.

Miscellaneous Reminders -

Thinking Positive - so still including these dates:)!

*School Closed:

Spring Break: No school April 6 thru April 13

*Picture Days: Kelly Smallman will be doing our pictures again AFTER Spring Break. She will take individual, sibling (students at Unity) and class pictures. The pictures are taken outside in our pretty courtyard on the following dates:

April 15: M/W Twos and Fours

April 16: T/Th Twos and Threes

*Muffins with Mom:

Three's - Wednesday, May 6

Four's - Thursday, May 7

Unity Preschool Staff 2019-20

Big picture

Top Row (Left to Right):

Ms. Tami and Ms. Heather: Four's (Fish)

Ms. Linda: Director

Ms. Tee and Ms. Danielle: Two's (Bees)

Ms. Maureen and Ms. Kellie: Four's (Owls)

Bottom Row (Left to Right):

Ms. Kelsey and Ms. Jen: Three's (Monkeys)

Ms. Sarah and Ms. Lauren: Three's (Frogs)

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