Las Posadas

The Celebration of Christmas in Mexico

Snow Day Plans! Join our innovations week Google classroom!

Check back here to see how to work on your team's project for Las Posadas from home today. We really needed this work day to help us be ready for our presentations that start first thing on Friday. Luckily, we can all stay in touch this way.

Remember being innovative is doing something in a new way - so let's go for it! How can we get this project together by working from all of our homes today? Well, I am also being innovative and have also created a new google classroom just for Las Posadas that will allow us to chat with each other about our progress today- you can join it by entering the code mxaw185. You can join it by going to your regular third grade teacher's google classroom site, returning to the home page by clicking the hamburger (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner, and clicking on the + symbol to add a class, enter the code above and it will link you with our Las Posadas google classroom.

I'm super excited about all the progress we made on Wednesday. I think we mainly need to do the cards that explain what each station is. Let me get some ideas together and I'll post instruction here a little later in the morning. Please be sure to check back here and the new google classroom site for more details. - Mrs. Neth

I just left some notes for each category on the google classroom site, find yours and respond to us - thanks!

Introduction Video

What countries and people celebrate Las Posadas?

When is this holiday celebrated during the year?

What does this holiday mean?

What food do they eat during Las Posadas?

What traditions and customs are common during Las Posadas?

Is there special music or dances they listen to and do during Las Posadas?

Are there any crafts that are made or displayed during Las Posadas?

Too Many Tamales