December Newsletter

Mr. H's Class 2015

Middle of Year Assessments

We are now at the time of year when we check in on student learning through district benchmark assessments. This week and next, students will be showing their learning through assessments in math, reading, and writing. The assessments are 20-25 questions each and cover all of the material we have covered since August. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time, well-rested, and well fed so they can perform their best. Test dates will be December 9th (Reading), 11th (Math), and 14th (Writing)

Class Holiday Party

Friday, Dec. 18th, 12:45-2pm

Room 1418

We will be celebrating the holiday season through games, crafts, food, and fun. All family are welcome to attend the party. Students will be participating in a book exchange, so please send a wrapped, age-appropriate book or note expressing your desire to opt-opt out of the exchange. Books may be new or gently used. Please use the link below for additional information and ways to help our holiday party.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Talking to Your Child About Learning

When parents ask their child about what they learned today, children tend to give a less than descriptive response. In elementary school we often disguise our learning in the form of games and activities that may seem more like fun than learning. Here are some question ideas that you can use to get a more detailed response from your child:

  • What is on your Number Corner calendar this month?
  • What game did you play in math, and how do you play?
  • What experiment did you do in science?
  • Did Mr. H show you any cool videos and can we watch them together?
  • What did you read today? What was it about?
  • What did you/Mr. H write about?

Important December Dates

  • 9th - Reed Holiday Choir performing at Parents as Teachers Holiday Event 6:00 @ LEO
  • 10th - Reed PTA Snowy Social - 5:30-7:00
  • 14th - Polar Express/Pajama Day for 1st, 2nd, 5th grades
  • 15th - Polar Express/Pajama Day for Kinder, 4th, 3rd, PK/SLE/ELE
  • 18th - Holiday Parties and PTA Planetarium presentation
  • 21st-1st - SCHOOL HOLIDAY

Google Accounts

Every child in Leander ISD has access to a google account. We will be communicating and working on projects through our account this year. If your child would like to access their account at home they can log in using the following template:

(the XX is the last 2 digits of the student's school ID number)

Their password is their birthday in the form of: YYYYMMDD

We have been working on publishing our imaginative fiction stories through google drive, so please feel free to log in if you would like to read them.

Museum Research Project

We are currently doing research for a museum project in January. Check out our inspiration at the following link: