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Hello parents/guardians!

We are the English I Department here at Nac High! We are excited to work with you this year! This newsletter will be your way of knowing what's going on in the classroom.

Meet the Teachers!

Mrs. Moody

I am a Nacogdoches native, a 2004 graduate of NHS, and a 2008 graduate of Stephen F. Austin with a B.A. in English. This is my fourth year to teach at NHS, and I am so excited to work with incoming freshmen!

I have been married to Tyler for ten years and we have two children, and three dogs. I love to read, fish, and refinish furniture.

I am proud to be a Nacogdoches Dragon and look forward to a fabulous year!

Ms. Cooke

Originally from the Houston area, I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX) and a Master of Arts from Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA). My most recent project focuses on representations of disability and embodied difference in young adult fiction and coming of age novels in contemporary US literature.

I have taught writing at the university level for the past four years, working to strengthen students’ technical abilities while presenting engaging, interdisciplinary content. I look forward to bringing pedagogical skills and strategies acquired as a college instructor to my English I classes at NHS. When I'm not teaching or reading, I enjoy kayaking, hiking, gardening, and cooking with my family.

Mr. Todd

I recently graduated from Sam Houston State with a degree in English and Secondary Education. My father has been a teacher for nearly twenty years, and inspired me to enter into the profession. If I’m not in the classroom, then one can most likely find me out fishing on one of the beautiful lakes nearby. I am looking forward to working at Nacogdoches High School this year!

Ms. Galvan

I was born and raised in Humble, Texas then moved to Nacogdoches after I graduated from Atasocita High School in 2011. Later, I graduated from SFA in December 2014 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Literature. I have been a part of Nac ISD in many ways: as a student teacher (McMichael 2013), as a 3rd grade Reading and Social Studies teacher (Fredonia Elementary 2015-2016), as a substitute and as an assistant P.E. coach (Raguet Elementary 2017). This year, I will be an English I/Pre-AP teacher for Nacogdoches High School. I'm very excited to begin this adventure and look forward to working with y'all!

Mrs. Dermakardijian (Mrs. D)

I am pleased to return to NISD as the new 9th grade English push-in teacher. I have earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English at SFA before becoming a secondary education teacher. I have taught high school-level English for five years and spent one year teaching 7th grade English at McMichael Middle School. Most recently, I have taught 12th grade and Dual Credit language arts at Lufkin High School. While at Lufkin, I have coached UIL Literary Criticism and created and sponsored the LHS Green Team, a recycling and environmental club. I am excited to have the opportunity to share my love of learning and language arts with the 9th graders at NHS!

Supplies Needed:

English I

  1. Kleenex
  2. #2 Pencils
  3. Colored/Map Pencils
  4. Notebook Paper (Wide Ruled)
  5. Markers
  6. Expo Markers
  7. Scissors
  8. Lysol Cleaning Wipes

For English I:

Overall Class Rules and Expectations

The following are the class rules and expectations for ALL English I classes:

  1. Be on time and prepared to learn EVERY DAY.

  2. Keep all personal electronic devices put away

  3. Stay on task AT ALL TIMES.

  4. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to YOURSELF.

Follow ALL classroom procedures & campus rules.

Upcoming Assignments:

Reading Across Genres

Grades for the fifth six weeks:

Major Grades:

  • Cold Write (Expository Essay (2/28)
  • Common Assessment (3/20 & 3/22)

Daily Grades:

  • Planning essay (2/28)
  • Write a Persuasive Letter to an 8th Grader about an elective they should choose as future Freshmen.
  • Write a Past Tense Narrative About a Time You've Been Lied to (3/14)
  • Dictionary Scavenger Hunt (3/26)


Begin reading Part One of To Kill a Mocking Bird (Chapters 1-8)

Major Grades:

  • Cold Write
  • Common Assessment

Daily Grades:

  • Planning Essay
  • Persuasive Letter
  • Past Tense Narrative
  • Mockingbird Open Response Questions
  • Dictionary Scavenger Hunt

To Kill a Mockingbird Parent Letter:

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Your student will shortly be reading a full-length fiction work in English I Pre-AP. For the unit, we have selected To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. We highly encourage students to purchase their own copies to allow them to annotate the text; however, they may borrow the books from the classroom and annotate on paper if you so choose.

Students should have their books by Friday, March 9th, as they will want to begin reading Part 1 over Spring Break!

To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic, Pulitzer Prize winning novel that sparks meaningful conversations about discrimination, society, integrity, and heroism. We invite you to read along with your child and to continue these conversations at home. It is imperative that you monitor your child’s reading at home, as the majority of his/her 5th six weeks grade will depend on understanding of the novel and its themes and literary techniques. Please note that this novel contains language that reflects the racially divided climate of the 1930's.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Moody or Ms. Galvan if you have questions.

What's Going on at School?

EOC/STAAR English Test

Tuesday, April 10th, 7:30am to Thursday, April 12th, 3pm

4310 Appleby Sand Road

Nacogdoches, TX

Preparing for the STAAR Test:

How to Write an Essay

We are currently working with our students on their writing skills -specifically in developing an essay.

Here are some helpful tips you can review and practice with your child to help them improve:

  1. Identify the prompt. This is the line that directs the student to "explain" a specific topic.
  2. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas (bubble map, flow chart, or outline etc.)
  3. Write and underline your thesis statement. The thesis statement gives the WHAT and the WHY to the prompt. What is your explanation, and why is it important?
  4. Write the introduction.
  5. Write the body/the main points. This is the detailed explanation.
  6. Write the conclusion.
  7. Add the finishing touches. Check for spelling, make sure thesis is underlined, and that points connect back to thesis, make sure paragraphs are indented, etc.

By practicing these steps with your child. You will help them improve immensely!

Here are some prompts you may use to practice with you child:

  • Give an example of how a group of people can work together to make a difference.
  • Explain why it is important to be kind.
  • Explain the limitations of technology.

To brainstorm ideas, we use an acronym called H.E.L.P.S. (History, Experience, Literature, Pop culture, Sports) .

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Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns, we'd love to schedule an appointment with you during our conference period or after school. To schedule, call or send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as we are available.
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