Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 4.23.18

The Week at a Glance

Dear Parents and Community Members:

It's hard to believe but there is approximately 30 days of school left. I want to say thank you to all of you who have volunteered and offered your support of ELM. We have an amazing school because of our students and parents. Here is a preview of the weeks ahead:

1. We have finalized our final two weeks of school. It is as follows:

5/28 Holiday

5/29 EOC 1 and 2 (7th and 8th); dismissal 1:15

5/30 EOC 3 and 4 (7th and 8th); dismissal 1:15

5/31 EOC 5 and 6 (7th and 8th); dismissal 1:15

6/1 Full Menu 1-6; dismissal at 1:15 (ipad return)

6/4 1/2/3; dismissal 12:51 (8th grade promotion practice/picnic)

6/5 4/5/6; dismissal 12:51(8th grade promotion)

6/6 Full Menu 1-6; dismissal 12:51 (last day!!)

2. We are in the second week of SBAC testing. The students are doing a great job. Please ask your child to bring their own plug-in headphones if possible. Otherwise, we will provide a loaner.

3. We will be releasing more information about the promotion ceremony shortly. We are moving toward a ticket system as we will be at Otay Ranch HS and will have a set amount of seats. Please be patient as we try to be fair and equitable to all.

4. If your student would like to report incidents of bullying, please have them see their counselor or AP or email them. There is also an anonymous bully box near the nurse's office where students can report incidents. We will work on a possible electronic system for the future. We want to make sure all students have a voice and know that they have adults who will intervene on their behalf or other students.

5. We are about to start an orientation program for incoming 7th graders. If your current 7th grader is interested in helping, have them be on the lookout for WEB Leaders applications. There will be limited spots to participate.

6. If your student is interested in Robotics for next year, we are planning to have a parent's meeting before we go on summer break. We shall advertise.

7. HELP! The Eastlake Education Foundation is sponsoring the Cycle Eastlake event coming up in May. The Eastlake Foundation is a great source of support for our school community. We hope you consider joining the ride, sponsoring the event or volunteering. See the flyers below.

8. Our teachers are here to help. We ask that you please set up appointments with the teachers if possible via email for more personal connections. It's difficult at times to coordinate meetings without proper planning and availability. Thank you.

9. We are in the middle of writing a grant for our military families. We hope to hear some good news!

As always, please contact me with any questions, concerns and/or comments. Your voice is important.

Our Students!

DLI Student-led Conferences

Our students did a great job of presenting material at the DLI program night. I was so impressed with their master of the Spanish language. The teachers of the program are incredible.
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Talent Show!


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Cycle Eastlake

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