Marquis de Lafayete

"Hero of two worlds"

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American Revolution

  • He fought at Bunker Hill
  • He helped U.S. soldiers survive several winters at Valley Forge
  • He helped secure victory at Yorktown
  • Lafayette joined the Continental Army for free
  • He got French assistance for America

French Revolution

  • Lafayette drafted the Deceleration of the Rights of Men and of the Citizen
  • He was Commander of the French National Guard during the French Revolution

A Wealthy Family

  • His mother hired a priest to teach him to read and write as a child
  • He married the 14-year old daughter of a prominent Frenchman. Her name was Marie Adrienne Francois de Noailles
  • He came from a line of military descent (Father died in the 7 years war)
  • He received a large inheritance after the deaths of his mother and grandmother
  • The title, Marquis, means: a nobleman ranking next below Duke and above Earl or Count

Influence on America

  • In 1917, American troops helped France during WWI and many other times
  • He was friends with George Washington
  • He advised early America against slavery
  • The first American troops to arrive in France saluted Lafayette's grave

A Long and Eventful Life

  • Birth: September 6, 1757
  • Death: May 20, 1834
  • Cause of Death: pneumonia
  • He fought in many wars
  • Lafayette was famous for his military achievements around the world before he died

Friendship with Washington

  • He named his son George Washington de Lafayette
  • Washington and other colonial leaders inspired Lafayette to join the American cause


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