Inigo Jones


Inigo Jones life

Inigo Jones was born in London, England on July 15, 1573. He spent more of his life working in (London) England. He worked as an apprentice to Sir Chrisopher Wren at St. Paul's Churchyard. Jones also learned a lot from traveling to Italy. He was an architect who built many known buildings in England, such as Queen's House, White Hall, Banqueling House, Wilton House, and Covent.

Queen's House

The link below is for a picture of the Queen's House. This house was built in 1616-1619 in Greenwich, London, England. This piece is interesting because it was built for royalty, the queen, and it's interesting to see what was so revolutionary to British eyes yet still had the classical style. It is also one of the most important buildings in British architectural history. This work could be an example of humanism. This is because the queen is an important person and is having a grand home build just for her.