Cold War Events

Dameon Bellrose

1 Arms Race

  1. it was a race to see who had the most weapons.
  2. the cartoon shows that how many bombs the United State and the Sovite Union has.
  3. this was dangerous because it almost started a nuclear war.

2 NATO VS Warsaw pact

  1. these are the organization of the demcooraic and communist alliance
  2. this cartoon shows the United States and the Soviet Union going back and forth about war and peace.
  3. this was dangerous because it could led up to a war

3 Berlin airlift

  1. the soviets was blocking in berlin U.S sent food by plan to berlin
  2. that cartoon shows how that sent the food to berlin
  3. thst was dangerous because the soviets tryed to starve the people who lived in berlin.

4 berlin wall

  1. to keep people from leaving the soviet union side
  2. this cartoon shows how the germans couldnt get over the wall
  3. this was dangerous because it was live or death if they went over the wall they would of died and if they didnt go over the wall they would be under a bad goverment

5 containment

  1. to stop communist fron spreading
  2. this cartoon shows that uncle sam is trying to stop communist from spreading
  3. this was dangerous because no one will have human rights or democy