Hudson Hawk Band Updates

Week of 8/16/21

Extra Info

I will attempt to place repeat information at the bottom of each Smore. I will include a heading so you know what is old information in case you need to reference it again. Thank you for keeping up with these updates and making sure your students are prepared for their classes and events. It was great meeting many of you this past week at the parent meeting(s). We will see you again on Tuesday, August 17 for Meet the Teacher night!

If You Missed the Parent Meetings

If you missed the parent meeting, you can use the link below to see the presentations that were given. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Becker or Mr. Urban.

Beginner Band Parent Meeting Presentation

Advanced Bands Parent Meeting Presentation

Car Decals & Yard Sign Orders

The Booster Club has started selling Hudson Band car decals and Hudson Band yard signs. The designs can be personalized with your student's name and instrument if you'd like. We will be taking orders from now until October 15. Please allow 4-5 weeks to receive your items. Use the forms below to place an order.

Car Decal Order Form

Yard Sign Order Form

Instrument Usage Fees in Skyward

If your student plays a school-owned instrument (oboe, bassoon, tenor/bari sax, French horn, euphonium, tuba, percussion, and select others), their district school-owned instrument usage fee is reflected in their Skyward account now. These directions to submit an online payment in Skyward should help you with completing that payment. Please let Mrs. Becker know if you have questions.

These students also need to return their Instrument Usage Contract by Friday, August 20th with notation about any existing damage to the instrument. If they have more than one school-owned instrument, they will need to submit more than one form.

Sectionals Start THIS WEEK for WS & HB

Sectionals for Wind Symphony and Honors Band students will begin this week! Sectionals are a required rehearsal for students in these classes. Grades will be given for attendance at sectionals and playing tests will often be completed during these times. Since those classes meet with all of the instruments combined every day, sectionals are our only opportunity to continue teaching the instrument-specific skills that will help our musicians grow more.

Wind Symphony Sectional Schedule - Fall 2021

Honors Band Sectional Schedule - Fall 2021

Private Lessons & Scholarships

Students who have returned the private lesson enrollment form have either already started lessons or will start this week. If you would like to sign your student up, there's still time and we would love to have them work with our private lesson staff! We have fantastic teachers who are ready to help our students get to the next level musically. We also have private lesson scholarships to students in need. The application is due back by Friday, August 27th and scholarships will be awarded, based on need and other factors, the following week.

Practice-a-Thon Planning Meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 24th, 6pm

4405 Hudson Drive

Sachse, TX

Parents who are interested in helping with the Practice-a-Thon fundraiser are asked to join us for a planning meeting in the band hall. It is a huge fundraiser for our program and tons of fun for kids and parents. Please join us!

For Help Using Charms, Check Out The Video Below

Using the Charms System for Band

Wind Symphony Region Masterclasses

Saturday, Aug. 28th, 10am-12pm

4405 Hudson Drive

Sachse, TX

All Wind Symphony students will work with special instructors to learn their All-Region music. They will audition for the All-Region band in November, so these masterclasses are extremely important as we prepare for that competition.

Wind Symphony GISD BandFest Performance

Students in Wind Symphony will be performing at the annual GISD BandFest on Monday, September 27. This is the first day of the fall intersession week. This performance is required - please communicate with Mrs. Becker now if you have already made plans to be out of town.

I know this is not an ideal time to have a performance, but the district set this date and I do not have the power to change it. It will be a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform for a large crowd and (spoiler alert!) ALL of the GISD middle schools will be performing together on the field for a powerful moment!

What Should We Be Practicing?

Practicing should happen daily to help build coordination and muscle memory and retain progress. Students should practice sitting in a real chair (preferably one that doesn't roll/spin), using a music stand, with a metronome. Please make sure woodwind players are properly swabbing out their instrument at the end of every practice session to keep their instruments clean!

Beginner Band:

Flutes - Alphabet Masters, Rhythm Rockers, Headjoint Exercises, tonguing, BAG on whole flute

Oboe/Bassoon - Alphabet Masters, Rhythm Rockers, tonguing on reeds, Bocal Majority book unit 1

Clarinets - Alphabet Masters, Rhythm Rockers, mouthpiece/barrel/reed, tonguing, top joint 3 notes

Saxes - Alphabet Masters, Rhythm Rockers, mouthpiece/neck/reed, tonguing, whole sax B, A, G

Trumpets -Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, singing and tonguing TA

French Horns -Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, singing and tonguing TA

Trombones -Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, singing and tonguing TA

Euphoniums/Tubas -Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, singing and tonguing TA

Percussion - Stick Control lines 1-12 @ 100 bpm(Work on posture, stick angle, full stroke, etc.) Lesson one lines 1-4 at 80 bpm.

Symphonic Band: Alignment/Posture, Longtones 1A, Concert Bb, and F scales, rhythm chart 1, Machine 1

Honors Band: Alignment/Posture, Longtones 1A, Set1 Opt.1, Concert Bb, Eb and F scales, rhythm chart 1-2, Fight Song, Machine 1, Imperial March, On Your left

Wind Symphony: Long tones, lip slurs, scales (Concert Bb, Eb, F, Ab, Db), rhythm charts 1-2.5, Star Spangled Banner, Don't Stop Believin', Shake it Off, Football short tunes (Machine Music 1, Imperial March, ESPN, Avengers, 7 Nation Army), All-Region music

Reminders from Previous Updates

ALL Smores In One Place

If you would like to bookmark the link below, I will be adding the weekly Smores to this page so you can reference every week when you need to without digging through old emails. You can also find the Smores on the band website and on your students' Canvas page for band.

ALL Hawk Band Updates

Supply Needed for Advanced Band Students

Students in Wind Symphony, Honors Band, and Symphonic Band will all need a flip folder for performances at our football games this year. **Students who play flute will get a flutist friend instead of a flip folder and a lyre - this is a combination specifically for flute players.**

Students who play clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, and trombone will also need a lyre specifically designed for their instrument. All of these supplies can be found at Music & Arts or online through Amazon. The first football game performance for Wind Symphony and Honors Band is August 31.

Morning/Afternoon Procedures

Beginning at 8:15am, the exterior band hall door (door #11) will be open for band students to come in and drop off their instruments on their way to their 1st period class.

At the end of the day, students will come down to the band hall at dismissal to pick up their instrument and band binder to take it home and practice each night. If your student is a car rider, you are welcome to pick up your student in the back of the building, where the band hall exit is. **It is less crowded at pickup in the back - take advantage of being in the band!**

Students should have their band pass in their Soar card pouch to show any teachers who ask on their way to the band hall. If students do not have their band pass, we cannot guarantee that teachers will allow them to walk through the school to come to the band hall.

Update Info in Charms

Please take a moment this week to log in to Charms.

Log in as a parent/student/member

The school code is hudsonsoundmachine

The password for first time users is your student's GISD ID number (should be 6 digits)

For non-first time users, your password should be your student's ID with "s" in front (i.e. s123456) unless you've changed it to something else.

Please update contact information, check your student's birthday, gender, ID, instrument, etc. and make changes as necessary. If you have questions or have difficulty logging in, please contact Mrs. Becker.

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