Weekly Update

October 1st-5th

Upcoming Dates

  • Parking Lot Duty: Mr. Kenna
  • Week of Oct 1st: College & Career Week (see email from Mrs. Malone)
  • Tues, Oct. 2nd: Wisconsin Education Fair - Jr/Sr list to come
  • Wed, Oct. 3rd: SIP Day 11:10 Dismissal (schedule to follow from Mrs. Fox)
  • Thurs, Oct. 4th: Freshmen Health CPR Training 1st-4th prds
  • Mon, Oct 8th: No School
  • Tues, Oct. 9th: PSAT Testing Fresh 1st-4th prds
  • Wed, Oct. 10th: PSAT/NMSQT Testing Jrs 1st-5th prds
  • Wed, Oct. 10th: PT Conference List due to Deb
  • Thurs, Oct. 11th: NWIL College Fair Jrs 2nd-5th prds
  • Mon, Oct 15th: GCN trainings due

Athletic Early Dismissals

  • Tues, Oct. 22: Cross Country 2:20

*This time reflects 10 minutes prior to the departure time and when students should be released from class.

Fall Conferences

  • Fall Conferences are October 24th (3-8pm) and 25th (3-7pm). Both days are a 2pm dismissal for students.
  • Please plan to send conference requests home to any student receiving a D or F in your class.
  • Please send your list of students to Deb by Wednesday, October 12th.

Evaluation Reminders

  • Everyone must complete 2 SLO's whether you or being evaluated or not this school year
  • If you are being evaluated, SLO's must be completed by February
  • Artifacts are only needed for domains 1 and 4. This must be submitted by February.

*Please let me know if you have any questions.

Google Classroom

As we have discussed, each teacher is required to have 1 class up on Google Classroom by the end of the 1st quarter. I know many of you already have several classes up. If you would please invite me to your classes then I will be able to see the content you have posted. Thank you!