François Clouet

Biography & Analysis


When and where was your Renaissance artist born?

Although there are not any official records that confirm where or when he was born, François Clouet is suspected to have been born either in 1510 or 1516 in Tours, France.

Where did he spend most of his life?

There aren't any records or where he spent most of his life, but it is most likely somewhere in either Italy or France.

Describe his education or training.

François was trained on how to paint by his father, Jean, and when he died, took his place as court painter to Francis I.

What type of art did he create? Provide the names of three pieces of work.

He created paintings, most of which were portraits, made of chalk, clay, and pencils. Three examples of his work are The Bath of Diana, Pierre Quthe, and Portrait of King Charles IX of France.

Who were his patrons?

A few of his patrons were Francis I, Henry II, Francis II, and Henry IX.

Which of the "isms" or Renaissance ideals are most closely linked to this person? Why?

One -ism that is closely linked with him and his work is individualism because most of his paintings were portraits, meaning that they focused on only one person.

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What is the name of the piece?

The name of the piece is Pierre Quthe.

When was the piece created?

This piece was created in 1562.

Where might you see this piece today?

You can find this piece in the Louvre in Paris, France.

What was so significant about this piece? Were there any new techniques used in the creation of this piece? If so, what were they?

This piece is the only known artwork of his that is dated. It also uses and improves on the art of portraits, using depth and rich draperies.

Describe the piece in your own words.

This piece depicts a man (Pierre Quthe) sitting down with a book next to him and drapes in the background, as well as the shadow of his head.

Which "ism" or Renaissance ideal is most closely linked to this piece? How do you know this?

Individualism is most closely linked to this piece because he is the only one in the painting and the focus is on him.

Why do YOU find this piece so interesting?

I find this piece interesting because it is the only dated piece of work from François Clouet. I think it is intriguing that so much of Clouet's life is undocumented and this piece of art was.

Where might I see a picture of this piece, or where could I read an excerpt of it? Provide the link.

You could find a picture of this piece on Artstor,, or most places on the Internet.