Naked Cowboy Strikes Again!

Nothing in this Paper is accurate, it is just a joke

Naked Cowboy Strikes again!

The homeless mad man known to Iowans as the Naked Cowboy has been terrorizing the the streets with his partner in crime the Naked cowgirl. The two have also been known to team up with another homeless man who constantly barks at his unsuspecting victims and essentially acts like a dog. We will have later reports on this phenomenon soon.

Governer of Texas Accidentally Poops on President Obama

Earlier this week, the president of the United States of America released information on the current Governer of Texas and their meeting in Austin, Texas. After the conversation on political issues, the Governer had to 2. Naturaly, the Governer denies this information and is telling the public that Obama is trying to invade Texas, creating a rebelion

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