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I'm excited to bring this new information to you. With the goal of helping bring more loyal customers to your business. It would be my pleasure to give you a recommendation to become a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. My partners and I became advocates for Lyoness after they helped our companies The Shortti and Dolton Bowling Center drastically increase our profits and I'm confident they can do your same for yours. Lyoness is unique. No other loyalty program offers you the ability to put your customers to work for you. Allowing you to make money from customers, even on the days they don't do business with you. No other loyalty program offers your customers a non cash payment option with $0 fees to the business owner. No other loyalty program offers you the ability to leverage other businesses customers. No other loyalty program offers you an award winning app that allow customers to find you from anywhere in the world. No other loyalty program offers you the ability to take part in the growth revenues of the entire company and it's global expansion. With our new partnership with Sales Force, Lyoness will become the number one and most powerful Loyalty Program in the world. Then history has been made as Lyoness & Master Card have come together to create the worlds first and only CashBack Debit Card. Who do you know that will not want to get money back from their day to day purchases with out it being tied to a credit card and you can benefit from it all. Find out more at Lyoness Loyalty Merchant official website at

We both know what it feels like when your competitors gets the edge over your business. Lyoness is the worlds first premier loyalty rewards program and you can be the first in your area to introduce the Lyoness Loyalty Program to your current of customers and surrounding business owners. You know longer have to look for customers. Lyoness members will be looking for you! As an added bonus I will market your business on our 50 HD monitors at Dolton Bowl & Indoor Soccer Dome. With over 4,000 people a week coming through our doors this added exposure could be invaluable to your business and your brand. Please get back with me so I may answer any questions you may have and to set an appointment to visit our facilities to explore all the possibilities.

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