What to do if...

By: Rayyan Mahmood


Drugs are very dangerous and can lead to serious addiction. That is why it is important for what to do when you are in tough spots which are uncomfortable. This poster is going to teach you what to do in these tough scenarios. Enjoy!

What to do if people are trying to deal drugs to you

The best thing to do in this scenario is to say no and walk away. If these people are your friends or family they may understand how you feel. Otherwise try telling people who care about you or you can go to help sites such as kids help phone. Talking to people can help. Try to not think about it and laughing can also help and get your mind of the peer pressure of drugs.

What to do if people are drinking and want to drive.

Drinking and driving is very dangerous and can lead to car accidents or worse. If somebody has been drinking and want to drive you must take charge and either volunteer to drive instead (as long as you have a driver licence because that could be dangerous too) or refuse to get in the car and get a taxi or call somebody else to pick you up.

What to do if other people around you are drinking?

Maybe at parties there is a lot of people drinking and you want to fit in. That might not be a good idea as even though people might think you are cool you might not be making a good decision. The best thing to do in this situation is to either go home if your feeling to uncomfortable or just say no. If they are your friends they won't care about your decision.


You now know what to do in these very difficult scenarios. It's never a good idea to try drugs even once because addiction can come soon and then you're in trouble. Always try to follow these instructions if your ever feel uncountable at a party, near drug dealers.