Warrior Cats

By. Annika Munch

Join the Clans for an Ultimate Journey

Warrior cats is a series written by Erin Hunter. If you haven't figured out by the name, it is a series about cats. But, they are not your regular house pet. These cats believe in their warrior ancestor in Star Clan to guide them. Warriors fight and hunt to survive. They feel compassion, hurt, love, and evilness just like humans.

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Thunder Clan, Shadow Clan, Wind Clan, and River Clan rule the forest, while Star Clan rules the skies. There are 9 roles that cats can be in Clan. Warriors, Apprentices, Kits, Queens, Deputy, Leader, Medicine Cat, and Medicine Cat Apprentices. More information can be given if it is needed.

Many Prophecies Were Made for Different Cats

First Series of Books

-Into the Wild

-Fire and Ice

-Forest of Secrets

-Rising Storm

-A Dangerous Storm

-The Darkest Hour


Please take into consideration how many books I have read about cats, and how long I have wanted one of my own.
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