Tresi's Poem Porfolio

By: Tresi


Nestled in a sea of green

Lies a treasure that can't be seen.

Shining brightly in the night,

Imagination can take flight.

Soaring high, falling down,

A gift, a flame, just for this town.

With its help, spirits glow,

As for others, they may not know

Of the treasure, until the end,

It is the gift of a friend.


There was a young girl, she was Dutch.

She had a white mouse, nothing much.

She was bullied each night,

Committed suicide,

She took it seriously, as such.


There is a woman,

She is standin', moutain high,

Like, no, was, a bird.

Dina Dino-Alliteration

Dan the Dog dated a Dino called Dina.

Dina said dinner was delishous.

Dan the Dog had disappeared and been decieved.

Dina decided to date more dogs.

Deuce, Daniel, David, Deven, and Dan's 1st paw dog, Danny.

Dina quoted dinner didn't digest delightfully.

Poor Dan, Deven, David, Daniel, Danny, and Deuce!

The Helper-Personification

The stone is talented.

He puts out a fire after getting wet.

He cracks nut for animals.

He even accompanies rocky rivers!

If only he could ride a unicycle.......

Sunday-Simile and Metaphor

At church, time is like a turtle.

Sing, learn, draw, snack, mingle, leave.

But after church, time is like an eagle.

It soars happily as we drive.

During lunch, time is a carnival!

Family and food and LOTS of laughter!

After lunch, time is a mouse.

Briar naps, and I play downstairs with Danika.


Down the street-

We go because we can't afford our own.

Ed hands out bowls as we enter,

Crackers and cheese from Amie.

We enter a room.

Mouth-watering steam fills our noses.

You smile, I drop my jaw.

And continue strolling down the aisle.

You cut me, I cut you,

In a scramble to the front.

Kaden steps in between us.

He fills our bowls to the rim.

You sit in the chair, I'm on the floor,

The uproarious behavior around doesn't sevor your smile from mine-

We are finished in moments.

You and I lick our bowls clean.