got milk? well you shouldn't

by ellie bunn

mother of 4 kids shares why she chose to avoid milk all-togeater

no other mamal drinks milk after they're old enough to graduate to solid foods

if you logically think through the fact that milk is bad for your voice, and it gives you extra mucus at the back of your throat. milk, sure it helps your bones and it makes you grow "big and strong" but we just aren't meant to continue drinking milk after we're done nursing

"milk isn’t good for you. No other mammal in nature continues drinking or consuming milk after its nursing phase is over, dairy products aren’t necessarily good for us and just cause we can take it from other mammals doesn’t mean we should. That milk is meant to take a little calf and turn it into a cow, imagine what milk day to day will do to you?" -she stated

im appealing to.........

patents, because they decide what to buy for their kids at the store. I think a happy mother of 4 kids is a great "celebrity" because who better to take advice than a mother of 4?

food network

I think a fabulous magazine would be food network, simply because most people refer there for cooking advice and it would spread the word fairly quickly
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