Presidential pamphlet

By: Noah Vlasin & Dillon Peer Hr 5

1. Constitutional requirements

1. Must be 35 years of age.

2. A resident of the U.S. for 14 years.

3. A natural born citizen.

2. Salary, Benefits and Perks.

Salary is $400,000. Some Presidential benefits are living in the White House for free and they receive free Health Care for their family from the U.S. Military system. Some perks of a president are awarded an annual pension equal to a cabinets salary. Also has a budget for a small staff. The secret service will protect him for 10 years into his retirement.

3. List the 10 constitutional powers of the president

  1. Serve as a commander in chief of all U.S. armed forces

  2. Commission officers of armed forces

  3. Grant pardons and reprieves from Federal offenses (besides impeachments)

  4. Convene special sessions of Congress

  5. Receive foreign ambassadors

  6. Take care that the Federal Laws are faithfully executed

  7. Wield the "executive power"

  8. Appoint officials to lesser offices

  9. Make treaties

  10. Appoint ambassadors,judges, and higher officials and also approve legislation

Categorize the powers into: Executive, Diplomatic, Judicial Legislative:

  1. Diplomatic

  2. Diplomatic

  3. Judicial

  4. Executive

  5. Executive

  6. Judicial

  7. Executive

  8. Judicial

  9. Diplomatic

  10. Executive

4. List and describe in your own words 5 leadership qualities.

1. Responsible - Being responsible is a big part of being president, many problems are thrown at you and you have to deal with them. Someone who can make the right decision is responsible.

2. Trust - The entire country must be able to trust you and be able to rely on your decisions and choices you make as a president.

3. Good Leader - The president should be a great leader that everyone and anyone can look up to. You should be able to trust them in every situation possible.

4. Set goals - Setting goals as a president is very important. You need to be able to set goals for yourself and make all of america happy while doing so.

5. Personality - The president should be someone who is not boring. They should have a great personality and be able to get along with everyone.

5.Roles as President

1. Party leader: Helps members of his party get elected to office and pass legislation.

2.Chief legislature: Tell Congress your opinions when they draft legislation.

3. Chief executive: Has power to execute laws passed in Congress.

4. Chief of state: Represent our country in many public events .

5. Chief diplomat: Negotiating with the leaders of other nations.

6. Commander-in-chief: Commands the United States military and its duties.

6. Gun Control

Guns are tools, it is not the gun's fault that someone wrongly uses it, it is the person's. Guns are good because they can be used for hunting, and the places that have anti-gun laws don't affect criminals, they're going to murder someone so does it matter if they get life + 10 years? or life in prison. so overall yes we should have guns, And it is not our fault for the things that criminals do.
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