Principal's Press

9/12/21 - Catherine Pusch, Principal

Mask Mandate- Message from the Superintendent

Good evening district families,

Our commitment to you this school year is to keep in-person learning as an option and to keep students in school and learning in a safe environment. To increase that effort the Board of Education voted 5-2 last night in favor of requiring masks for the remainder of the first semester. Students and staff wearing masks is an effective tool to reduce the number of close contacts and allow many more students to stay in school and learning.

Mandatory masks will go into effect on Monday, September 13.

The amended motion reads:

Require masks for the first semester, with the school board reevaluating the matter for the second semester, at its December 7 Regular Meeting, with the 2021-22 Operational Guidelines regarding masking to include the following:

Mandatory mask wearing for students, staff, and visitors (age 2 and older) when indoors; and

Mandatory mask wearing at extracurricular events per ASAA guidelines.

The district’s COVID mitigation plan, Maintaining In-Person Learning During COVID-19, is in the process of being updated to include new masking language.

A few commonly asked questions are:

What sort of mask should my student wear?

Review the CDC Your Guide to Masks for mask information.

What if my student needs a medical exemption for wearing a mask?

Families should fill out the medical exemption form for their student and submit it to the school nurse and principal.

How does this impact student athletes and district sport events?
Staff and spectators must wear a mask during extracurricular indoor activities. Participating student athletes do not have to wear a mask for the duration of the practice or game. Student athletes already engage in regular antigen screening and travel protocols.

Currently ASAA does not have any requirements for local events or student-athletes. Any updates will be found on the ASAA website and on the district’s Student Activities page.

What options do families have if they want to change their student’s learning option?

Thank you to our staff and families for your patience and understanding as we all work together to keep our students in-person this school year.

First PTA Meeting

The PTA is meeting this Tuesday at 4pm and they need your help! The PTA provides financial and volunteer help for our schools and classrooms throughout the year. Come join the PTA and find out where you can help!

Parent Drop off and Pick Up

Just a reminder that this week is back to normal drop off and pick-up.

Thank your for your patience and help last week. There are a few changes we made last week that worked so well, we would like to keep them in place all the time.

Pick-up and Drop-off With Busses

  • Drop-off at 8:45 students can come directly into the building
  • We are asking that parents say goodbye outside unless you need to see office staff
  • Pick-up at 3:30
  • Move all the way forward in the line
  • Stay in your vehicle (except for loading and unloading)
  • Please park in the lot if you are meeting your student in the Plaza


We will have bussing for the next 2 weeks. We are scheduled to have no bussing again the week of Sept. 27th.

Durham Bus Services

Call DURHAM Dispatch for student drop-off/pick-up issues, late buses, missed stops, driver complaints, service issues, and lost items.
Fairbanks: 907-206-7789 (6:00am-5:30pm)
Moose Creek/North Pole: 907-206-7789, option 4 (6:00am-5:00pm)

Students must REGISTER for the bus prior to riding.

To comply with Federal requirements, all riders must wear face coverings on school buses, as they are considered part of public transportation. Face coverings will be available for students if they do not have one.

Two Weeks at a Glance

The Week of 9/12- 9/17


  • We have busses this week.
  • After School Program Begins
  • Running Club 3:30- 4:30
  • Mandatory Masking Begins


  • First PTA Meeting 4pm


  • Running Club 3:30-4:30


  • Running Club Race, September 16 at SALCHA ELEMENTARY

    K-2nd Girls Start Time 1.8 K 5:30 p.m.

    Boys K-2nd 1.8 K Immediately following the K-2nd Girls race

    Girls 3rd-6th 2.8 K Immediately following the K-2nd Boys race

    Boys 3rd-6th 2.8 K Immediately following the 3rd-6th Girls race
  • Regularly Scheduled Day

The Week of 9/6- 9/10


  • We have busses this week


  • Regularly Scheduled Day


  • Running Club 3:30-4:30


  • Running Club Race, September 23 at CHENA LAKES REC AREA

    Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade boys and girls 2.0 K 5:30 p.m.
    Girls 3rd - 6th grade Start Time 3.0 K 6:00 p.m.

  • Boys 3rd - 6th grade Start Time 3.0 K 6:30 p.m.


  • Regularly Scheduled Day