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News from Chardon Schools 2.3.2020

CHARDON SCHOOLS: Second Quarter Highlights Video


Our Board of Education is committed to revisiting Chardon Schools' facilities planning process, a process that will involve consideration of each of the 3R's (and potentially any combination thereof):

  • Facility Repairs
  • Facility Renovations
  • Facility Replacement

In line with this commitment, Chardon Schools extends an invitation to the entire Chardon community to attend an upcoming Educational Visioning session facilitated by ThenDesign Architecture (TDA) and provided at no cost to our school district. The sessions are specifically designed for the school district to gain community input concerning the development of a long-term facilities plan in response to our aging facilities.

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Session I: Saturday FEB. 22, 2020 9:00am-3:00pm

Session II: Wednesday FEB. 26, 2020 8:30am-2:30pm
Location: Geauga County Public Library Administrative Center Meeting Room [12701 Ravenwood Drive, Chardon 44024]

Provisions: Coffee, beverages & a light lunch will be provided.

Note: Registration is required and Chardon Schools kindly asks interested community members to commit to the entirety (full 6-hour duration) of one (1) session as these are not designed as drop-in events. Participation in an entire planning session is important.

Online Registration: For online registration, please visit
Registration by Phone: Please contact the Board office at 440-285-4052 during school hours.

To learn more about Educational Visioning sessions, Chardon Schools and TDA invite you to view a five-minute VIDEO, which provides an overview of session purpose and format.

Questions? Please direct questions regarding Chardon Schools' upcoming Educational Visioning sessions to

WELCOME ABOARD: Chardon Schools' New Transportation Director

Mr. Michael Gatrell has joined us as of Jan. 30, 2020 in a full-time capacity. He brings an extensive background in school transportation and was previously serving as the Transportation Director for Ashtabula City Schools. His interest in making the transition to Chardon comes as Ashtabula is in the midst of privatizing transportation. Their plan was to retain Michael as Director under Community Bus. However, Michael prefers to lead his own transportation department. I know you will join me in welcoming Michael to our team.
~Dr. Michael P. Hanlon, Jr., Superintendent of Chardon Schools


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Kindergarten student Eleanor Youdath created a melted crayon masterpiece to demonstrate her "counting to 100" proficiency, as well as her creativity.

Math, Art & More: 100th School Day Celebration & Counting

Mrs. Maheu’s Kindergarten students celebrated the 100th day of the 2019-20 school year by creating unique visual aids at home and presenting them in class. The projects provided students with practice at counting to 100 while encouraging them to tap into their creativity and incorporate some of their favorite items. Examples of their projects included:
  • 10 different colored melted crayons organized in groups of 10 by color and melted onto a poster board (by Eleanor Youdath)
  • a fully assembled 100-piece puzzle (by Christopher Boehnlein)
  • 100 cut-out pictures of sugar gliders (by Paige Harrison)
  • 100 lollipops served up ballpark-concession style (by Dexter Clarke)
  • 100 Goldfish® crackers in the ocean (by Liam McCartney)
  • 100 monster trucks featured in a handmade book (by Emryk Desphy-Zaidman)
  • & many more creative projects celebrating the 100th Day

Park Elementary Faculty Ages on 100th Day of School

(l to r) Mrs. Ridgeway, Mr. Laseak, Mrs. Maheu & Mrs. Setzer on the 100th Day of School

Reading, Writing, Art & Science: All About Melting Snow

Park Elementary Kindergarten students in Mrs. Ridgeway's and Mrs. Maheu's classes recently read "Sneezy the Snowman" by Maureen Wright.

In this story, Sneezy the Snowman is cold but melts when he tries to warm up only for the children to come up with an idea of how to build him back up.

After reading this story, Park Elementary students had the opportunity to create their own melting snowmen by combining shaving cream + glue and adding decor. A creative writing element was added to the project when students each wrote an explanation for how their snowman melted. The students' clever reasons included:

  • touched a light bulb
  • ate a hot corndog
  • went outside
  • went to the beach
  • went in a hot bathtub
  • took a hot shower
  • and more!
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Park Elementary NOTES of GRATITUDE...

Book Fair is a team effort. Thanks to all our volunteers.

~Ms. Rhonda Garrett, Park Elementary Principal

Shout out to Clarence Bucaro & Meredith Gajda for volunteering their time to teach the kids chess after school.

~Mrs. Christina Buynak, Park Elementary Parent

Bingo fun on a Friday night - thank you PTO and 150 Park School families.

~Ms. Rhonda Garrett, Park Elementary Principal

PTO Bingo Night at Park Elementary - Jan. 31, 2020


"ROLL the CABASA" [song sung to the tune of "La Cucaracha"]

Miss Camille's Class:

Music Lesson with Music Teacher Miss Carol

What is a Cabasa?

A cabasa is a handheld musical instrument similar in shape and size to a rattle or maraca. The instrument's hallmark feature is the presence of wrapped, threaded metal beads that can be rolled to create sound.

What are the benefits to using cabasas during music class?

Students can create both tactile and auditory input by carefully rolling the cabasa on their hands, arms and legs and also gain practice at keeping rhythm.

Special Guest:

Chardon High School senior Hannah Holbert is a regular (weekly) helper in Miss Camille's classroom. She is volunteering her time as part of her Chardon Service Learning class experience. Thank you Hannah!

(l to r) Classroom aides Kristen Rice and Gina Dennison, intervention specialist Camille Becker and Chardon High School senior Hannah Holbert assist with Miss Carol's Tiny Toppers Preschool music lesson.

Tiny Toppers (cont'd): SCIENCE & SENSORY INPUT

What Happens When You Freeze a Water Balloon?

ANSWER: The water inside the balloon freezes.

"It was a fun way to learn about what happens to water in freezing temperatures."

~Miss Camille Becker, Tiny Toppers Preschool Intervention Specialist

What Happens When You Mix Hair Conditioner with Baking Soda?

ANSWER: You get a snow-like substance.

"I had never made it before, but it turned out amazing. It even feels cool!" ~Ms. Kristen Sironen, Tiny Toppers Preschool Teacher

Preschool NOTE of GRATITUDE...

Special Education Supervisor Ms. Andrea Ryan [see photo] did a great job representing Chardon's Tiny Toppers Preschool at the Geauga Preschool Expo on Jan. 24.
~Mrs. Linda Elegante, Chardon Schools Director of Student Services

Munson Hilltoppers logo

Guest Readers: WE ARE FAMILY

The Vancura Family

On Jan. 10, Munson Elementary 3rd-grade student Royce Vancura (Mrs. Dinko's class) had the opportunity to serve as the Guest Reader for his brother Noah and Noah's 1st-grade classmates (Mrs. McClintock's class).

Royce's book of choice was "Knuffle Bunny" by Mo Willems:

"Trixie, Daddy, and Knuffle Bunny take a trip to the neighborhood Laundromat. But the exciting adventure takes a dramatic turn when Trixie realizes somebunny was left behind. Using a combination of muted black-and-white photographs and expressive illustrations, this stunning book tells a brilliantly true-to-life tale about what happens when Daddy's in charge and things go terribly, hilariously wrong."

On Jan. 31, Noah's mom came to class as the Guest Reader (just 1 day after Noah became an independent reader!). Mrs. McClintock commented on how this was a great way to celebrate. Congratulations Noah.
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The Szczepanski & Richards Families

  • Ridge Szczepanski's mom starred as the Guest Reader on Jan. 16 to read aloud animal books to complement the class' current reading unit.

  • Evan Richards' mom visited as the Guest Reader on Jan. 24 to read "Attack of the 50-Foot Fly Guy", among other stories.

Creative Role Playing: 100th Day of School Celebration

Munson Elementary Hilltoppers really aged by the 100th day of school. What a clever & fun way to celebrate.

Munson Elementary NOTES of GRATITUDE...

The Munson PTO provided dinner for the teachers for the Jan. 23 conference night...

Thank you to Bob Evans in Chardon for donating the soup/chili and thank you to the Speck, Selfridge, Brown, Hennette, Finucan, Gooding, Clark, Richards, Cline families for donating sides/desserts/drinks.
~Munson Elementary PTO

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Munson PTO is truly special. As a teacher here, I feel appreciated and valued by such amazing people. Thank you.

~Mrs. Jennifer McClintock, Munson Elementary 1st-Grade Teacher

Thank you Munson Families!

~Mrs. Amy Cohn, Munson Elementary Intervention Specialist

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Annual Spelling Bee Buzz

  • 27 fourth- through seventh-grade Chardon Middle School semi-finalists competed
  • the Bee lasted 11 rounds
  • first word: manger
  • words in between included: disinfectant, exploits, hazmat, cahoots, cannonade, mulish
  • ironic words: nervous and distressed - the irony was not lost on students during this nail-biter of a spelling bee as both of these words resulted in snickers from many spellers in the audience
  • winning word: absorptive

Truly, contestants shined with confidence and spelling prowess as they took turns at the microphone in front of an audience filled with friends and family.

Seventh-grade student Cash Johnson’s successful spelling of the word “absorptive” led him to victory as the District Champion. Sixth-grade student Aidan Gerlica placed as the District's runner-up.

Cash will proceed to compete at the Geauga County Spelling Bee on Feb. 6.

"So proud of all of the contestants in the 2020 CMS spelling bee. Congratulations to our winner and runner-up."

~Dr. Kelly Moran, District Curriculum Supervisor (& 2020 Spelling Bee Pronouncer)

Clay Masks & Animal Representation

Mrs. Heron’s Chardon Middle School fifth-grade students recently completed a multi-phase project in which each student:

  • determined an animal they feel best represents them
  • sketched the animal’s face on paper
  • wrote a description of the animal based on their own personality
  • created the animal face mask from clay & added texture using scribe tools

Dogs, rhinoceroses, sloths, cheetahs and cats were just a few of the various animal representations chosen by students.

Chardon Middle School 5th-grade student with Mrs. Kristie Heron (Art Class)


I want to thank all of the administrators, teachers and therapists who have been a part of my son’s IEP plan this year. Everyone has been so open to ensure that my son’s school day is appropriate for him to learn and succeed. A special extra shout out to Mrs. Breen who continues to go above and beyond.

~CMS Parent, 1/19/2020 email

Thank you Chardon Middle School for sharing your book donations.We found several titles to add to our classroom library.

~Mrs. Tara Kaiser

Chardon High School, 8th-Grade English Language Arts Teacher

FUN FACT from Ms. Haeberle: What food is a good source of protein, more sustainable than beef or poultry, and eaten by 25% of the world’s population? ANSWER: Insects. And we had LOTS of adventurous 6th graders and a guidance counselor willing to try them!

I sure love an adventure.Thank you Ms. Haeberle for inviting me to your classroom. Today we tried crickets and mealworms! Crunch crunch.

~Ms. Janelle Stuart, Chardon Middle School Guidance Counselor

Thank you Chardon Middle School students for your generosity at the Book Fair. Your spare change yielded many new books for our class. Thank you PTO for the opportunity.

~Mrs. Melissa Efantis, Chardon Middle School Teacher

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Advanced Placement Physics C Course

Dr. Rebecca Schneider's students have been studying the center of mass, which is a position defined relative to an object or system of objects. More specifically, center of mass is the average position of all the parts of the system, weighted according to their masses.

During the week of Jan. 13, students worked in pairs and were given modeling clay and a box of straws with the task of building a leaning tower greater than a half-meter in height and a 30-degree “lean”. This lab is a precursor to the concepts of angular momentum and rotational studies and guides the students in their preparation for the AP Exam that will be conducted this May.

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The City Club of Cleveland Youth Forum Council

Through their Chardon Service Learning class led by Mr. Mizen, Chardon High School seniors (l to r) Blue Veon, Mikhail Hall and Zachary Mothersbaugh participated in The City Club of Cleveland Youth Forum Council on Jan. 23.

"The YFC provides an opportunity for high school students to examine the value and impediments of free speech; discuss and learn about national and international issues of critical importance; and be challenged to discover ways in which they can actively participate in public life."
Learn more HERE.

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Academic Decathlon Team - Regionals

FEB. 1, 2020

Chardon High School Academic Decathlon Team showing off their hardware [SEE PHOTO] after a long day at regionals. They’re bringing home 35 medals, of those 14 are GOLD & medals in every academic discipline. Beyond proud of this team. And congratulations Kaylie Malloy selected for Speech Showcase. One of only 3 out of all competitors!
~Mr. Allen Herner, CHS Business Teacher and Academic Decathlon Team Advisor

Shoutout to Chardon High School Academic Decathalon Team and Advisor, Al Herner. 35 medals at regional competition with 14 gold medals and earning a medal in every academic discipline. Awesome team effort!

~Dr. Michael P. Hanlon, Jr., Superintendent

CHS Academic Decathlon Team at Regionals - Jan. 31, 2020



I am BEYOND happy with the outcome of Saturday’s competition. To be truthful, I joined Academic Decathlon on a whim. I took Mr. Herner’s Topper Time last year, titled "The 1960s: A Transformational Decade". I began speaking to him about ACADEC. Unfortunately, I did not decide in time so I was not placed in the ACADEC class that Chardon now offers.

I became a satellite student this year, thanks to Hannah Holbert (CHS student, senior), running to Mr. Herner's room as often as I could to study, get materials, and ask questions. I didn’t have much expectations for my very first competition, but I told myself I would be happy with one medal.

I placed in economics, essay, and speech disciplines. One of which, my speech, was gold. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of this little team. I cannot wait to carry it on throughout the rest of high school. These 11 kids work so hard and have so much dedication.

I truly believe Mr. Herner is the best coach for this. He has helped me so much, despite my not actually being enrolled in the class. I highly encourage anyone to join that is interested in multiple categories of learning - it is a wonderful experience.


Chardon High School juniors:

  • As part of his Architecture Project Management class at Auburn Career Center, Alexander Zaccarine recently completed an impressively intricate build of a model-sized house, a structure he first drew up as a blueprint and then constructed from LEGO Architecture pieces.

  • Congratulations to Business Management student Anthony Simiele who took 1st place in Innovation Plan at Ohio DECA.

  • Congratulations to Business Management student Ann Marie Evans who placed 2nd in Personal Finance Literacy at Ohio DECA.
As part of his Architecture Project Management class at Auburn Career Center, Alexander Zaccarine recently completed this impressively intricate build of a model-sized house, a structure he first drew up as a blueprint and then constructed from LEGO Architecture pieces.

Parent Day at Auburn Career Center

Friday Jan. 31 was Parent Day at Auburn Career Center, and so I got to hang out in my son Logan Gilles' domain for a couple of hours. He showed me some of the things he’s been working on and even made me a spur of the moment souvenir.

Logan recently designed and welded together a rocket stove. He’s currently becoming familiar with and continuing to familiarize himself with how to operate a Bridgeport milling machine. And he's becoming familiar with Fusion 360, a computer-aided design (CAD) system.

~Mrs. Jennifer Gilles, Proud Mom of Logan Gilles (CHS Senior)


71 CHS Choir students experienced a full day of cultural activities on Jan. 24, including:

  • Severance Hall tour
  • Choral Workshop at Case Western Reserve University
  • Jazz & lunch at Nighttown
  • Cleveland Art Mueseum
  • Workshop with Geauga Lakes Theater Festival
  • Polka & lunch at Hofbrauhaus
  • "Jersey Boys" [a musical] at Playhouse Square
Chardon High School students on Jan. 24 field trip:  CLE STAYCATION

CHS Visual Arts: 2019-20 Yearbook Cover

The new 2019-2020 yearbook cover is in and was mainly drawn by Jackson Perry with contributing watercolor by Tori Lowe and notebook doodles by the rest of the art classes. Digitally edited and arranged in photoshop by Emily Spangler.

~Mr. Erik Hauber, CHS Art Department


Girls Hilltopper Swim Team appreciates Assistant Principal Mr. Bandiera joining us 1/25 at Hudson. Shoutout to Assistant Principal Mr. Doug Higham too for spending 1/17 with us vs. North.
A big thank you to Superintendent Dr. Hanlon for joining Hilltopper Swim Team at Spire on 12/30. We appreciate you being here.

~Mrs. Kathi Tierney, CHS Swim Team Parent

Thank you to our Principal - Mr. Murray - for being here at Spire with us tonight for our final 'regular season' meet. Gratitude. It means so much to the kids.

~Mrs. Kathi Tierney, CHS Swim Team Parent

TRIBUTES in Memory of Mrs. Mary Buckey

I just wanted to share with you that Mrs. Mary Buckey has passed as of Jan. 16. Many of you worked with her throughout your years here at CHS as well as in other buildings. She was a staple at CHS for many years. Each day was an adventure with Mary, she always could make you smile and laugh. She was a passionate lifelong learner who enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Please take a moment to reflect on her life and contributions at CHS.

~Ms. Sharon Zdesar, Chardon Academy Co-Coordinator

Mrs. Buckey took very good care of my son through some of his toughest years.

~Mrs. Erin Niksick, Chardon High School Parent

A service will be held at the Newbury United Community Church on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 at 11:00AM. A private family burial will be held at a later date.

Link to Mrs. Buckey's full Obituary HERE.


Happy Retirement to Marilyn Schneider. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and years of service. It's been a pleasure to work with you. You truly are the best. You will be missed.

~Ms. Josephine Culliton, Director of Food Services

Marilyn is the BEST. You will be missed greatly. Enjoy retirement.

~Mrs. Amanda Bunker, Chardon High School Teacher


With gratitude to Chardon Schools Foundation and the community who supports it, CHS teacher Mrs. Niedzwiecki received a Fall '19 grant for 20 new GradeCam document cameras to be strategically installed at the school. These cameras can be used by teachers for grading, by students for grading, and for a variety of in-class academic applications.

~Chardon Schools Communications Department

During the time after Transportation Director Mr. Mark Desmond's resignation in Dec., Mrs. Karen Paktinat had agreed to serve as the Interim Transportation Supervisor. Karen has extensive experience with the district's Transportation Department, and we were very appreciative of her willingness to step up and help fill that gap as the district continued to search for a replacement for Mr. Desmond.

~Dr. Michael P. Hanlon, Jr., Superintendent of Chardon Schools

CLE STAYCATION: An absolutely phenomenal evening Jan. 24 with all of the CHS choirs. Thank you, Mr. Streiff. Thank you to all of our chaperones and special guest State Senator John Eklund. We have such amazing kids.

~Mr. Doug Murray, Chardon High School Principal

Thank you to the following staff members for contributing to Spelling Bee planning and devoting your energies and time after school on Jan. 22:

  • CMS teacher Mrs. Suzanne Whiteman (spelling bee organizer & rule articulator)
  • District Curriculum Supervisor Dr. Kelly Moran (pronouncer)
  • CMS teachers Mrs. Carrie Maronde and Ms. Kylee Corlew
    (spelling bee judges)
~Chardon Schools Communications Department



Chardon High School Teacher

Currently Teaching

Grades 8 - 12
Science, Physics, and Robotics


This is Mr. McGovern's 28th year of teaching, of which 20 have been in Chardon Schools.

Career Inspiration

Both my parents were teachers, and I aspired to follow in their footsteps.

What I Enjoy Most as a Hilltopper

The sense of pride and community within our schools.

A Favorite Memory

Being a member of "Team 8-A" back when I was working at Chardon Middle School. The teachers on that team were so close-knit and shared many laughs and tears together.

A Favorite Book

A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

A Favorite Movie

Apollo 13


  • playing keyboard and guitar in local bands
  • exercising
  • hiking/visiting parks
  • spending time with my family

Inspiring Life Advice

I have a framed picture of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River running through it on my nightstand. Beneath it in large type is printed the word "PERSEVERANCE". In small type beneath that word is the quote:

"In the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins;

not by strength, but through perseverance."

That reminds me during times of discouragement to keep going and to push through each day one at a time. Like that river, I may only "move a few small pebbles" each day, but over time something beautiful and worth admiring might result from my efforts.



Chardon Middle School Building Clerk (Office Secretary)

Years of Service in Chardon Schools ~ 4 years

I started my career with Chardon Local School District part-time as a recess monitor at Hambden Elementary for 6 months, then became the Chardon High School Library Secretary. I resigned in 2017 to move with my family to Florida. Upon my return a year later in 2018, I was hired as the Chardon Middle School Library Secretary. In August 2019, I was hired as the full-time CMS Building Clerk Office Secretary.

A Typical Workday

I begin each day by greeting staff and students as they arrive for the school day. I answer the phone, monitor the front entrance and assist students and guests in signing in and out of our building using our electronic kiosk. My main responsibility is completing the daily attendance report via Infinite Campus. I also assist with new student enrollments and updates to Infinite Campus records. Our office is very busy and my typical day goes by very quickly!

What I Enjoy Most About Working for Chardon Schools

I enjoy interacting with our students, parents and staff. I try to provide a warm and welcoming face to members of the general public as well as providing comfort and reassurance to students throughout the school day. Chardon is a great place to raise children and I’m happy to be a part of our strong school community.

Favorite Destination in the World

Prior to my children being born I worked in the Travel Industry for 15 years. I have had the opportunity to travel to many destinations all over the world. I would definitely say that the Hawaiian Islands are one of my favorite places.

Favorite Book

I enjoy reading motivational and health/wellness books. I recently read The Inflammation Spectrum by Dr. Will Cole. This book helps you find which foods work best for your body.

Favorite Restaurant ~ Square Bistro
It’s a great local restaurant, locally owned and operated by Chardon graduate Jaret Havanchak. He employs many Chardon High School students. Great fresh food sourced locally!

Favorite Movie
The Star Wars Saga Films


  • I enjoy participating in group fitness classes, so much so that I became a certified indoor cycling (spin) instructor in 2015.
  • I love cooking for my family and friends. It is nutrition that make us heal. It is nutrition that makes us happy and capable.
  • Gardening has also become a very relaxing and rewarding hobby.
  • Traveling with family and friends to any destination is certainly a hobby that we all can enjoy!

Children ~ two sons, both are Chardon High School students

  • Nick is a senior
  • Christian is a junior

Favorite Life Advice

Never miss out on a chance to tell the people closest to you how important they are to you. You never know when the opportunity to do so will be gone.



Congrats to the CHS Boys Varsity Basketball Team on their 64-58 win at Madison on Jan. 31.

Congrats to the CHS Girls Varsity Basketball Team on their 48-33 win at Madison on Jan. 25.

[click photo for Ohio Varsity article]

CMS Wrestling

Congrats to the Chardon Middle School Wrestling Team, which placed as the Western Reserve Conference Tournament Runner-Up.
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CHS Gymnastics - 3rd Place in Win the Day Invitational

Congrats to Hilltopper gymnasts on bringing home the 3rd place trophy at the Win the Day Invitational at Anderson High School (Cincinnati) on Feb. 1.
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WINTER SPORTS - Individual Photos - courtesy of Pastor Photography

WINTER SPORTS - Team Photos - courtesy of Pastor Photography


SWIMMING Senior Night - courtesy of G-TV

WRESTLING Senior Night - courtesy of G-TV


Thank you to our Athletic Director Mr. Doug Snyder for his outstanding support!

~Mrs. Kathi Tierney, CHS Swim Team Parent

Huge Shoutout to All of our Corporate Sponsors and our Families for your continued support of our program. [click photo to view video]

~Chardon Varsity Baseball Team

It has been a joy to coach CHS Softball this winter. Great way to close the winter season.

~Mr. Doug Murray, Chardon High School Principal


Debut of Board of Education Meeting Overviews

Chardon Schools understands that attendance at a school board meeting can sometimes not fit with personal schedules or may conflict with other activities taking place the same evening. Therefore, as of 2020, the district plans to provide video recaps of its regular board meetings.

The videos will be available on the BoardDocs page accessible via the website. The first of these video overviews provides a recap of the Jan.13, 2020 BOE regular meeting and can be conveniently accessed by clicking HERE.

Note that in addition to now having access to video recaps, the community may also continue to access complete agendas of the board meetings via BoardDocs.


[Beyond the Hilltop news can be emailed to for inclusion in an upcoming Topper Talk newsletter.]

Congratulations to the following Chardon Middle School sixth-grade students [see photos] who starred in this past weekend's performances of Seussical, Jr., a Curtain 440 production:

  • Alex Brooker
  • Michaela Snider
  • Will Brooker

Remaining show days and times:

  • Friday Feb. 7 @7:30pm
  • Saturday Feb. 8 @7:30pm
  • Sunday Feb. 9 @2:00pm
All performances take place at Berkshire High School (14510 North Cheshire Street - Burton 44021).
Curtain 440 Seussical, Jr. cast [photo credit: Heidi Brooker] - front row, right: Michaela Snider; back row, far left: Will Brooker; back row, far right: Alex Brooker


FEB 17...NO SCHOOL (Presidents Day)

FEB 18...BOE Meeting (Regular Meeting - 6:30pm at 428 North Street)

MAR 16...BOE Meeting (Regular Meeting - 6:30pm at 428 North Street)

MAR 23...NO SCHOOL (Spring Break: March 23 thru March 27)






Chardon High School - Grade 8

Washington D.C. Trip: 2ND PAYMENT ($100) DUE FEB. 7 MORE INFO



6:30pm in LGIR at Chardon Middle School
See FLYER. While primarily an event for parents/guardians of 2020-21 Grades 8-12 students, current 6th and 7th grade parents are also welcome to attend to learn more about Chardon High School curricular offerings and College Credit Plus (CCP). Students may attend with parents/guardians.

GREECE ADVENTURE - JUNE 2020 - Info Meeting FEB. 6, 2020

There are still spots left for this amazing June 2020 adventure!

Learn more at the Parent/Student Informational Meeting THURS. FEB. 6 @7:00pm in CHS room 210. View Mrs. Kristen Niedzwiecki's video HERE.

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Niedzwiecki at



See FLYER. [also includes information on a Summer Internship program, including key dates]


Friendly reminder that registration has begun! See FLYER.
Questions? Contact

NOTES of Gratitude Submissions

[Chardon Schools welcomes your CMS Notes of Gratitude, which can be submitted by staff members, parents and students, as well as other Chardon school community members, for inclusion in district publications. Please email your note to .]

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