January 3, 2018

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to YOU!

On behalf of our church and school family, I hope that each of you had a wonderful Christmas that was filled with love and family and with a true understanding of the reason for the season which is the birth of Christ our Lord.

We now are looking forward to the advent of a new year, 2018! The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on the things that you would like to change or improve upon in the new year. Frequently, we have "resolutions" such as eat healthier, exercise more, give up this or that, etc. Those are all great resolutions. I would like to encourage you to resolve to become even better parents than you already are now. Your children will always be your children but you have a relatively short time to truly parent them before they are making their own choices and going down their own paths. Here are some suggestions:

  • Model for your children what you would like to see in them. Parents are a child's first and primary teachers. Children learn what they live.
  • Teach them responsibility by giving them chores and holding them accountable for completing them. It's really not about the chores, sometimes it's easier to do it yourself. Its about learning to follow through on responsibilities.
  • Say "Yes" more, but not to things. Say "yes" more to spending quality family time and doing things together.
  • Say "No" More for things. Most kids have too much "stuff" to the point that it is not appreciated and clutters up their minds.
  • Listen to your children more, talk "at" your children less. Ask open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer.
  • Read More and let your children see you read.
  • Be in worship with your children and develop a family faith life. If you do not have a church home, you are welcomed here at Holy Cross where we have Sunday School and Bible Study for all ages at 9:15AM and worship on Sunday morning at 10:30AM. Come and be a part of our family of faith.
  • Most of all, no matter what, give your children UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. They need to know that even when they disappoint or upset you, even when they make very bad choices, you always love them no matter what. And, love them enough to give them consequences that will help them do better.

2nd Quarter Report Card Night

The second grading period will end on Friday, January 19th. Report card night will be held on Thursday, January 25th. Please mark your calendars now.

Special Christmas offering - We achieved our goal of $2,000!!!

I will have photos to share with you soon of all of the festivities at Good Shepherd Orphanage as they shared Christmas blessings with so many children. Thank you for your support of this special outreach.

Here is a link to the orphanage

Important Reminders

Contact information: Please make sure that we have your most up to date phone number, address and other contact information. It seems that every day we have reason to call a parent whose number has changed and we were not notified. Imagine if it was an emergency. Please also keep your authorized pick-up and emergency contact list up to date. We also need correct addresses. Today we received 6 pieces of returned mail from parents who apparently have moved but have not updated their information.

Early Pick-up: It should be avoided whenever possible, but if you have to pick up your child early, it should not be in the last hour of the school day UNLESS you have notified the teacher or called the office well in advance. Please respect the fact that there is a lot going on at the end of the day and teachers cannot drop everything to get a child ready to go home early at the last minute.


  • Please keep children home if they are sick and lessen the spread of illness at school. It is also not fair to a child to be sent to school if truly ill. If they come to school sick, we have no choice but to send them home and while they are waiting to be picked up, they are miserable sitting in the office.
  • If your child is out sick, you must call or send an email to the office and please send a note back to school upon return for your child's records. If your child is out more than 2 days, we request a note from the Dr.
  • If your child is out sick and you want a teacher to put together a school work packet, you must request this in the morning. Please do not call in the afternoon and request this because it will be impossible.

New procedure

We have purchased a new program that will allow us to scan and save the driver's license information of any visitor to our campus. If you send anyone other than a parent to pick up your child from school, we will be scanning their ID so please make sure that they are carrying it with them. This information WILL NOT be shared with anyone else, it is simply so that we know who is on our campus for the safety of the children.

Cold Weather Jacket and Sweater Policy - another reminder.

  • Students in K5 through 8th grade may wear a jacket, sweater or sweatshirt that is solid navy blue, grey, black or white. You may also purchase the Holy Cross sweatshirt from Sunshinewear.

  • PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ALL JACKETS AND SWEATERS! Our lost and found bin is growing. Unfortunately, if it does not have a name in it, anyone can take it from the lost and found bin. When items are brought into the office, we always check for a name before we put it in the bin.

  • Black, white or navy tights may be worn on cold days.

  • There is PE when the weather is cooler. Even in colder parts of the country, kids go outside for recess unless the temperatures are dangerously low. That will not happen in South Florida. Navy blue sweatpants may be worn under PE shorts on COLD days. Cold is defined as a day where the temperature is BELOW 60 degrees.

  • Boots are not permissible for safety reasons. Do not dress your child in boots of any kind.

  • It is doubtful that it will ever get cold enough for gloves, mittens or scarfs to be necessary and they become distractions and play toys.

  • Hats may not be worn in the classrooms. If you want your child to wear a hat to school on a cool day, it may be worn on the playground. However, it rarely is cold enough for this to be necessary.

  • If the weather is so cold that we feel that uniform items are not warm enough, you will receive a text alert and instructions. Otherwise, children are expected to wear their uniforms to school. Every student should have one pair of long uniform pants, as per our dress code so cooler weather is not a reason to send your child to school in jeans, leggings, etc.

Coming up

Monday, January 8th: School resumes

Monday, January 15th: MLK birthday, No School or OOS

Friday, January 19th: End of 2nd quarter, early release

Thursday, January 25th: Report card night.

Looking ahead to February

Please mark your calendars now for re-registration which will begin on Tuesday, February 20th. You will need to register online via Renweb,sign the tuition plan and pay the registration fee to be fully registered. If your child has the SUFS or AAA scholarship, please be sure that you have completed your renewal.


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