138° becomes 8°

New name, new meaning.


If you receive this is because some day we spoke about 138 degrees or you were involved in the process. Although we all loved the Descartes rainbow angle as name, 138 degrees was difficult to remember and long to pronounce. 8 degrees is the new name with a new meaning. It aims for simplicity and beauty in communication.

The number 8 stands for balance in the infinite possibilities. Those infinite possibilities are checked -together with the client-, created and applied by the freelancers team to achieve the communication goals in the most effective way, often with visual communication. Among the seasons, 8 degrees is a good temperature, not too cold (logic) and not too warm (emotion), it represents balance between logic and emotion, elements playing a role for effective communication.

Our goal is to leave end costumers with a good feeling after they know about your brand, ideal or product. 8 degrees aims to make beautiful advertising.

If you want to be in the freelance database for future projects, e-mail your name, knowledge/skills to anahi.clemens@gmail.com. The current main project is allyousee.nl and it shall soon release a beta version, you can freelance for the future stage as well. Do not hesitate in giving feedback or recommendations.

Kind regards,

Anahí Clemens Ramírez