Water Safety

By Olivia and Hannah!

Slip Slop Slap to Slap Slop Slip

  • Be sure to always re-apply another layer of sunscreen every 2-3 hours
  • Always protect your skin by staying under the shade, wearing hats, rashi's and sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated to lots of liquids while in the sun
  • Watch out for rips whilst at the beach.
  • Don't trust shark nets and be very careful while in the ocean
  • When applying sunscreen, be sure to slop on a thick layer of sunscreen.
  • Always stay between the flags
  • Always be supervised by a trusted adult
  • Always check to see if you are between the flags.
  • If in danger, raise your hand and scream out for help.
  • Watch out for all sea animals such as: sting-rays, jellyfish, sharks and more
  • Don't dive into shallow water
  • If you are a weak swimmer make sure to wear a life-jacket.
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