What to Expect

By: Traci Thornton | Hour 5

First Trimester: Fetus Information

Starting at just 9 weeks into your pregnancy your baby's major joints will begin to start functioning. Such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. Also, your baby will get its very own fingerprint at 13 weeks. Just a week before that your baby's earlobes will be grown into place.

First Trimester: Mother Information

In the 3-8 first weeks of your pregnancy you'll start to experience most of the common pregnant symptoms. Starting at week 3 which includes light vaginal bleeding/spotting. Week 4 with breast tenderness and morning sickness. Mood swings at week 5. Unfortunately week 6 will bring exhaustion, headaches, vomiting, and constipation. Weight gain will start to appear in week 7. And those weird pregnancy cravings will approach you at week 8.

Second Trimester: Fetus Information

Before 19 weeks the baby wasn't very proportional, but once the 19th week hits the baby's arms and legs will fall into proportion. At week 16 the scalp's pattern will develop. Along with the developing scalp pattern the lungs will start developing at 24 weeks into you being pregnant. Ever wonder why mostly all baby's suck on their thumb all the time? Because during week 20 your fetus may start that habit.

Second Trimester: Mother Information