Ellie's Story


Reviewed by Tommy

There are many great books and Ellie’s Story is one of them. Ellie is a german shepard puppy, who is very smart. She has many siblings. One day she is outside for her first time, and a strange man comes with a uniform on. He plays with Ellie for a while (trains her), but at the end of the day he brings her to the police pen. After being in the pen for days someone finally lets her out and puts her in a car and drives to a park. The policeman gives her a coat, she sniffs it and the policeman says, “Find!” She froze not knowing what to do, but soon she caught a scent that was the same smell of the coat. Will Ellie find the person and be a member of the police K-9 squad? You can find out by reading.

In my opinion this book is a very exciting, sad, mysterious, and scary. Ellie is very well trained and can track someone down easily. She is a search and rescue dog, so she rescues people too. Ellie risks her life to save people and shows petechial and always obeys her owner. She never gives up and always sticks to her mission. This book is a great book and I recommend this book to everyone.

I highly recommend this book to 4th, 5th, and 6 graders because it has action packed events. And it is not very long. People who love dogs will love this book. I hope you will read this book and find out how good it is. Please read Ellie's Story.