This is What Happy Looks Like

By Jennifer Smith

Ellie O'Neil and Graham Larkin have a relationship that is...

  • Fateful
  • Challenging
  • Comfortable
  • Boundless
  • Passionate
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“I think you have the wrong email address. But since I’m a dog owner too, and I don’t want poor Wilbur to be stranded, I thought I’d write back to let you know…” (1).


“The same thoughts kept tumbling around in her head, like clothes left too long in a dryer. He was too big a star. His life was too different. He’d be leaving soon. He’d hurt her” (189).


“She simply wanted to be closer to him” (189).

People meet in all sorts of unexpected ways.

We are more alike than different, despite how we choose to live our lives.

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Nico and Vinz - In your arms - lyrics