Monuments Men

By Bailey Anderson

Hitler's Love for Art

  • Denied from art school... twice.
  • Loved to watercolor paint and admired many other works of art.
  • Also had an interest in architecture.
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The Stealing of Artifacts

  • Stole anything from paintings to church bells
  • About 5 million artifacts stolen across Europe.
  • He stole from churches, universities, and private collections.
  • Stole paintings by Picasso, daVinci, and Michelangelo.
  • Any items stolen were either publically burned, hidden (mostly in mines), or were used as decorations in Nazi leaders' homes.
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Hitlers Motive

  • Obviously angry for being rejected from art school
  • Most importantly he wanted to remove past German history and rewrite it.
  • Any interests he had before becoming a leader turned into interest of power.
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Who were the Monuments Men?

Group of men and women from about 13 countries who were asked to help save and retrieve many artifacts the Nazis had stolen.

  • These people were museum directors, art scholars, and artists.
  • Made up of about 345 men and women.
  • Job was to save German culture.

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Rose Valland

Rose Valland was a very important member of the Monuments Men. She risked her life by spying on the Nazis and keeping track and reporting of all of the places they had stored paintings and German artifacts. Before becoming part of the Monuments Men during WWII she was a drawing teacher and many high schools.
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The Monuments Men | The Movie

The Monuments Men - Official Trailer (2013) George Clooney, Matt Damon [HD]


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