Weekly Growl

May 14 - 18, 2018

This Week

Monday, May 14

  • STAAR Grade 6,7 Math

  • STAAR Grade 8 Math Retest

Tuesday, May 15

  • STAAR Grade 6,7 Reading
  • STAAR Grade 8 Reading Retest

Wednesday, May 16

  • Grade Level Meetings

  • STAAR Grade 8 Science

Thursday, May 17

  • STAAR Grade 8 Social Studies

  • 5:00 Soccer vs. Deerpark

Friday, May 18

  • STAAR Assessment Makeup

Next Week

Monday, May 21

  • 2:00 8th Grade Awards Ceremony

  • 5:00 - 6:30 Athletics Banquet

  • 6:00 Choir Spring Concert

Tuesday, May 22

  • 9:00 - 2:30 RRISD Choral Festival @ Spare Time
  • Theatre Banquet

Wednesday, May 23

  • Grade Level Meeting

Thursday, May 24

  • 4:00 Fall Events Calendar Committee Meeting

Friday, May 25

  • Have a great day!

Coming Up

May 28 Memorial Day Holiday

May 29 Last Day of School

May 30, 31 Staff Development

I am so grateful to the 8th grade teachers that attended the 8th grade field trip at Twin Lakes Family YMCA. I want to especially thank Lee for planning and organizing the trip, Flores for supporting her, and Castillo, Ellis, Lampe, and Williams for driving our students to the camp! The kids were safe and had a great time because of you!

- Yvette Bradford

Kudos to Cristy Crowder for creating Pete the Cat at a moments notice for our library bulletin board! She did in ten minutes what would have taken me all day.

- Cherri Urban

I would like to thank Patti Cole, Tulullah McKinley, and Sam Smith for sharing their kids with my Gateway students. Mrs. Cole allowed her kids to come to my classroom to initially share the types of games and toys they enjoy. My students then designed toys specifically for the FAC students. Then my students tested their designs with the FAC students during a second game day and gave my kids their feedback. This was my favorite design challenge of the year thanks to the support of the FAC program. The FAC kids brighten my day every time I see them and I could tell they made an impact on my kids as well!

- Beth Dees

Kudos to our administration for supporting our students at our band concert!

- Mandy West

Carter, Gembicki, Morgan, McBride, Peck, Leo, Moorhead, Daniel, Maxie, Bergeron, Kino, Williams, Huffman, Lampe, Castillo, Ellis, Bradford, thank you so much for helping out and being flexible for the 8th grade field trip!!! You guys are truly and amazing team to work with! =D

Special shout out to Flores for helping plan and organize the field trip!!! =D

- Allison Lee

Kudos to Coach Masuku for working with me and our crazy idea of a 6th grade girls athletics club! It is awesome helping our girls get a jump start for their 7th grade year! GO Lady Dawgs!

- Kaitlynn Perch

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May Birthdays

Karen Stringer 15

Kristen Morgan 17