Racists are always living around us


James Byrd is black man who was dragged three miles

He was a man that was dragged three miles by three white men in a truck. They picked him up and offered him ride, he accepted and then they took him in the back for a second, then they tied a chain on his legs and started driving on dirt path and cement roads until he was decapitated and him arm was missing.
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Who was James Byrd?

James Byrd, Jr. (May 2, 1949 – June 7, 1998) was an African American who was murdered by three men, of whom at least two were white racists in Jasper, Texas on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and John King dragged Byrd for three miles behind a pick up truck along an asphalt road by chains on his feet being dragged. Byrd, who remained conscious throughout most of the ordeal, was killed when his body hit the edge of a culvert, taking off his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another mile before dumping his torso in front of an African-American cemetery in Jasper.

A little bit more information on James Byrd's death

On June 7, 1998, Byrd, age 49, accepted a ride from Shawn Berry (age 24), Lawrence Russell Brewer (age 31) and John King (age 23). Berry, who was driving, was acquainted with Byrd from around town. Instead of taking Byrd home, the three men took Byrd to a remote county road out of town, beat him severely, urinated on him and chained him by his ankles to their pickup truck before dragging him for approximately 1.5 miles. Brewer later claimed that Byrd's throat had been slashed by Berry before he was dragged. However, forensic evidence suggests that Byrd had been attempting to keep his head up while being dragged, and an autopsy suggested that Byrd was alive during much of the dragging. Byrd died after his right arm and head were severed when his body hit a culvert Byrd's brain and skull were found intact, further suggesting he maintained consciousness while being dragged.

Berry, Brewer and King dumped their victim's mutilated remains in front of an African-American church on Huff Creek Road. Along the area where Byrd was dragged, authorities found a wrench with "Berry" written on it.The following morning, Byrd's limbs were found scattered across a seldom-used road. The police found 81 places that were littered with Byrd's remains. State law enforcement officials, along with Jasper's District Attorney, determined that since Brewer and King were well-known White racists, the murder was a hate crime. They decided to call upon the Investigation less than 24 hours after the discovery of Byrd's remains. King had several racist tattoos: a black man hanging from a tree, Nazi symbols, the words "Aryan Pride," and the patch for a gang of white supremacist inmates known as the Confederate knights of America(prison gang). In a jailhouse letter to Brewer that was intercepted by jail officials, King expressed pride in the crime and said that he realized while committing the murder that he might have to die. "Regardless of the outcome of this, we have made history. Death before dishonor.

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Some Back round info of James Brown

Following the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968, there was widespread turmoil throughout the nation's urban centers. On the night of April 5th, James Brown brought the city of Boston together and kept the riots at bay. But it wasn't easy.

On April 5th, with the city still reeling from the brutal news, Kevin White, the mayor of Boston, was facing a difficult choice. James Brown was scheduled to play the Boston Garden, and the mayor felt that, with so many people in such a heightened emotional state, there would be an increased risk of rioting, as had been seen in cities across the country. Or he could cancel the show, which could prove to be even more disastrous.

The Night James Brown Saved Boston details the story of how James Brown and his band, Mayor Kevin White, and producers at WGBH kept riots at bay by holding the concert and broadcasting it live on TV, thereby keeping people either at the show, or at home, glued to their sets watching the Godfather of Soul perform, broker peace between fans and security, and above all else, get funky and keep folks from being super bad.

When the concert ended, WGBH played it again. And again.

Who is James Brown?

James Brown is a life saver to many. He was a really good singer back then and he also prevented a crisis around America. When MLK died, crises went around all of America, He went to Boston Garden and prevented killings, bombings and shootings of most people. Houses were torn down until he went to Boston, He stopped everyone from killing, then because it stopped so many people from all of this bad stuff, so they told him to go on tour to all the places with this situation.

My Five Questions

1. Q. What was it when blacks were separated from blacks at the grave yard?

___A. Segregation

2. Q. What were blacks and white destroying after MLK died?

___A. Communities

3. Q. When blacks couldn't do the same thing as whites, what was that called?

___A. Color lines very clearly drawn

4. Q. What did James Brown start when he sang concerts?

___A. The healing effect

5. Q. Why were only whites and white married and blacks and blacks married?

___A. Race Relations

Here are some pictures of James Brown, Martin Luther King JR. and James Byrd below