Peninsulas in the Peninsula

A quick list of facts of different European countries.


Sweden's type of government is a constitutional monarchy, which includes the Riskdag and, of course, the monarchy.
Sweden has a limited government and not only limits rights of officials, but the people have rights similar to the United States.
Sweden is a part of a group of countries known as the European Union.
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One of the most famous locations in Italy is the Colosseum in Rome.
Italy has a very long history of the development of its cultural foods. Italy cuisine was influenced by Roman, Greek, and other cultural foods.
Italy's climate changes from cold to mild as you move from north to south.
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One historical landmark in Spain is the ruins of Belchite, a town that was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

Spain is known for and is the leading producer in oranges in Europe, and used to be leading producer in olives.

The latest record of Spain's population is about 47.17 million people.

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