Escape The Grammar Murderer


Players 2-4

Have Fun With Your Family And Friends!


You have been captured by a Grammar Murderer and he is thinking about erasing you. You and the other 3 players are captured and only one can survive by running to their home. You only have a key to your house, so only you can enter your house only! Can you SURVIVE OR WILL YOU BE ERASED!!!!


Game board

4 mini figure characters

Questions and answer key

Hard Ball

The Amazing Bouncer


Goal of the Game

To be the first one to reach YOUR HOME


1) Place characters on the board where it says "Gramr Murdr Hous."

2) Each player recieves a deck of cards that is filled with question

3) Place the buzzer in the middle of the board

4) Place the amazing ball dropper beside the board

5) Place the hard ball beside the Amazing ball dropper.

6) Make sure the color of your cards matches with the color of your character.

How to Use The Amazing Ball Dropper

First, you grab a ball. Next, you drop the ball through the hole on the top. To know what point you get, look at where the ball is LASTLY positioned. After, remove the ball where is it and put back in the cup. if the ball is lastly positioned on top of the board, it is counted for 1 point. If the ball lands in a cup, see what the amount of points for that cup is worth. If the ball bounces out of the Amazing Ball Dropper, it is counted as 0 points.

How to play

First, everyone has a deck of cards in their hands. When everyone is ready, yell "1, 2, 3, OPEN!" Open the deck of cards to the 1st question and read it to yourself. After you have read the question and you think you know the answer, press the buzzer in the middle. Remember, that if someone else buzzes the buzzer before you, they get to answer the question. Players, make that the other person does teach by pressing the buzzer without even reading. Also, once you press the buzzer, no looking back at your cards to see if the answer is A, B, C, or D. Once you press the buzzer you must say your answer. After the player answers the question, the correct answer is on the back of the question. If the player is correct, they get to get a ball and drop it on the Amazing Ball Dropper. The amount of points you get is the amount of times you get to move your character on the board. When the 1st person enters their home, they automatically win.