Geothermal Energy

energy deep in the earth

how does it work?

A geothermal plant works by tapping into hot water underground.Then the energy will go through a generator bring it to a house.But there is still one more step,after the energy has got to your house it will go through a filter making it the perfect temperature that you want it to be.
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where is it used?

Geothermal energy is being used to generate power in over 20 countries around the world.Most geothermal plants are located in the western part of the united states because that is where most hot and cold water underground is.
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how much is produced each year?

Only about 3,500 mega watts of geothermal energy is produced each year.
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what are the advantages of geothermal energy?

Some advantages are that:Geothermal energy is renewable,another advantage is that geothermal energy can go back into the ground and when it comes out of the ground it is not harmful to people or animals.Also when you get geothermal energy it is not as much money for a heat bill.Another advantage is that lots of people make a living off of this,Also that it is very quiet and will not make noise.
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what are the disadvantages of geothermal energy?

some disadvantages of geothermal energy is that:It may not cost a lot of money to get it to your house,but it does take a lot of money to build a geothermal plant.Another disadvantage is that geothermal energy is not in all places and can not be transported very far from the plant.
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