5th and 6th Grade News

January 11, 2016

Hello Fabulous Fifth and Sixth Grade Families! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Fifth Grade is hosting Mass this week and we are working on diversity and why different people from different backgrounds can bring so much to the classroom. We have also been reading stories about Japanese internment camps during World War II, which has led into discussions about prejudice, stereotypes, and ultimately, what people have done to overcome them such as Dr. King and the Civil Right's Movement. We have had some great discussions already and I am looking forward to seeing what else the students come up with during different activities.

Catholic Schools Week is coming up (January 31st - February 6th) and we are getting ready to celebrate being a community of faith, knowledge, and service. For those that like to get a jump-start on costumes/outfits, here is the run-down for the week:

Monday, February 1st: Pajama Day

Tuesday, February 2nd: Sports Day

Wednesday, February 3rd: Flip-Flop Day, the students dress like the teachers and teachers dress like the students!

Thursday, February 4th: Grandparents Day, full Mass attire uniform

Friday, February 5th: COLOR WARS ASSEMBLY!!!

Pre-K 3 -- Blue

Pre-K 4 -- Purple

Kindergarten -- Red

1st Grade -- Orange

2nd Grade -- Yellow

3rd Grade -- Pink

4th Grade -- Green

5th Grade -- Black

6th Grade -- White

7th Grade -- Gray

8th Grade -- Turquoise

Here is what is going on this week:

Monday, 1/11:

  • Band

Tuesday, 1/12:

  • P.E.- Students can bring weather appropriate clothes (NO SHORTS) to change into for P.E.
  • 6th Grade Math Quiz - Rates and Unit Rates
  • 5th Grade Math Quiz - Multiplying Proper and Improper Fractions

Wednesday, 1/13:

  • Noon Dismissal

Thursday, 1/14:

  • All School Mass - please make sure students are in appropriate Mass attire, Fifth Grade is hosting!

Friday, 1/15:

  • Spirit Gear
  • P.E.- Students can bring weather appropriate clothes (NO SHORTS) to change into for P.E.
  • Reading Quiz - "Wartime Mistakes, Peacetime Apologies"
  • Spelling Lesson 14 Test

Other upcoming events:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, No School - January 18th
  • Vocabulary Unit 8 Test; flashcards and workbook pages due - January 18th
  • State of the School Meeting at 6:30 pm - January 20th

What are we learning this week?

    • We are focusing on Ordinary time and what that means.
    • We are practicing responses for Mass, especially in Latin.
    • We will also be starting on Sacramentals.

    Language Arts:

    • We are working on Unit 8 in Vocabulary.
    • Spelling Lesson 14 focuses on spelling patterns and how to use vowel-consonant- consonant- vowel to break words into syllables.
    • Our new short story for this week is "Wartime Mistakes, Peacetime Apologies" and the reading skill we are working on with this non-fiction text is taking logical notes.

    Social Studies:

    • This week we are reviewing the development of cultures and hunters and gatherers, and how the difference between the two came about.
    • We will also be discussing civil rights and diversity in honor Martin Luther King's Day.


    • 6th Grade Math is working on Rates and Unit Rates, and will transition to Percent at the end of the week.
    • 5th Grade Math is working on multiplying proper and improper fractions, and mixed numbers and whole numbers.
    Looking forward to a great week! If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Scott

    Holy Rosary Regional School - Juan Diego Academy